Welcome music lovers, fans, and appreciators alike. The North Carolina Music Zone was created as a means of providing local, live music coverage for the bands and the businesses that support them.

Blogger, Tracey Stones, is on a mission for the local music community. She created this site to help promote local bands and musicians and the venues, towns, and places that host them. Based in New Bern, NC she roams the state to shine a light on local music in North Carolina from the Coast to the Mountains.

She asks for readers to share this site with friends and the musicians that you follow. Those shares help the site grow. Speaking of growth, if you like what you see and want to help it grow there are lots of ways to do that.

If you are a local musician or an establishment that hosts live music in North Carolina please consider growing with me with advertising here. Ad rates are affordable and your target audience is music appreciators. Widget Links to your website or social media, Calendar Sponsors, and Content Ads for the main page are all options.

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