Another Fun Week Rocking To The Beats

Open Mic Night @ AJ McMurphy’s Offers Generations of Talent

Each Monday night’s Rhythm & Grooves in Greenville is brought to us by host John Williams at AJ McMurphy’s 1914 Turnbury Dr. which welcomes a slue of talent each week.

Though we did not make the trip this week, we did enjoy the fun last Monday. That’s when I got to hear Daniel Clark offers some beats on his beatbox, followed by a few songs on guitar. This player hails from Ayden and is known by many on the local scene.

The Stovall’s made an appearance last week as they do each week. First up Bill and Will Stovall offered some selections by Elvis. Following that three-song set, Taylor Rouse took a seat on stage with Will Stovall. This young couple came to be as a result of music. Rouse first appeared at the jam with a ukulele and now takes lessons from Stoval and plays a pretty guitar.

Before leaving the stage Stovall also joined Frank Jones. This allowed for two generations of guitar teachers to share the stage and make music together.

For those looking to take up the guitar in the Greenville area, you have plenty of great teachers in the area. Both Stovall and Jones are actively teaching new players each week.

New Year Offers Live Music Each Week at Harbour Pointe Bar & Grille

Harbour Pointe Bar and Grille is located in Fairfield Harbour and is open to the public. Owner and general manager, Dan Argentieri and restaurant manager Morgan Goddard have opted to bring music to the newly established bar and grille. Stop by for live music each Thursday with music being served from 6-9 pm.

Construction on the new clubhouse, pro shop, and grille started after Florence washed through the neighborhood and finished early last year. Since then the management has been making plans to offer fine dining and music to the mix in the Golf Club’s bar & restaurant.

In the kitchen is one of this town’s famed chef’s with Tank Wetherington at the helm of the Harbour Pointe Grille. On the floor is another familiar face from town, Amanda Walker who was the popular server on the patio at the Harvey Mansion, back in the day, circa 2017.

Harbour Pointe Bar & Grille offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the week. They are closed Monday and Tuesday. Breakfast is served Friday-Sunday, 8-10:30 AM. Lunch is offered on Wednesday-Sunday, 10:30 AM- 4 PM. Dinner is served each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night 5-9 PM

Along with new hours and new weekly dinner specials, they are featuring live music with dinner each Thursday.

Besides live music every Thursday, you can catch Karaoke on Friday, January 22, 2021. If you are ready to enjoy a great meal and share a song or two, plan a date night out in Fairfield Harbour. Don’t let the gate stop you. Just turn left, stop at the gate and tell them you are here to visit Harbour Pointe Bar & Grille.

Dinner is offered Thursday-Saturdays 5-9 PM and music is played from 6-9 each Thursday evening. This week come out and enjoy the great food and fun sounds offered by a community member and talented guitarist, Brian McDowell.

Last week, local stringer Charlie Duzan offered the sounds served with dinner last week. Duzan has been making and writing music for most of his life. I would meet the elder Duzan via Facebook messenger after I wrote a story about a younger Duzan, his son, Tommy Duzan.

It was through many long chats, that Duzan would make his way back to the scene to offer songs he has stored inside his soul, in the years he was held captive by his life and health deficiencies. This stringer and I have more than a love for music in common. Sadly, we both have suffered with blood clots in our lungs. Duzan’s illness would lead him to an extended break that would linger two decades. Music and inspiration would prove to be healing methods as Duzan tuned into my works and got back to writing and playing.

NCMZ.LIVE File Photo: Duzan’s first performance after a long break from the scene found him paired up with son Tommy Duzan Sr. The duo helped me raise the spirits of volunteers that helped clean up in Fairfield Harbour after Hurricane Florence circa Nov 2018.

Nothing delights me more than to call this man to come to perform. He waited a long time to gain the strength and fortitude to make it back to the scene. He offers a lot of great music, sharing both popular hits and his original compositions.

Boogie Nights at Tap That with New Bern’s Caffeinated Soul Boogie

Caffeinated Soul Boogie is a New Bern based, family oriented, a local homegrown rhythm section with loads of creative talents to lend to the music scene.

The roots of this operation are father and guitarist Derrick Moore his daughter Darria Yeager who fronts the band on vocals. I met them as a duo offering tunes in Bear Plaza for ArtWalk back in the summer 2017

NCMZ.LIVE file photo of a Half- Caf, Caffeinated Soul Boogie, with the roots of the operation Darria and Derrick offering an original groove to ArtWalk In Bear Plaza. Circa 2017

Since meeting them, I have watched them perform as a duo, trio and quartet, at coffee shops, bars, and community outings. They are currently hosting Milan Jarman on drums and supporting vocals and bass man Phillip Alcock offering harmonies while filling up the bottom of the backbeats.

After the show I visited the bands website and sent them an email. I asked how this current band formation came about and a few other questions about the road ahead and Moore graciously responded.

“ I asked Phillip about filling in some with us last fall. I had met Phillip a while back at one of Big Jim’s jam sessions at the City Stage. Our regular bass player, Ryan Alligood, had just begun a long treatment process for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had many uncertainties for the year ahead.

Phillip quickly jumped in and instantly found a niche in the group. His method of playing both the electric and upright bass seems to fit in pretty good, not to mention his experience with bands and live music was a huge plus. Since then, with all the credit given to God, Ryan has made a full recovery and is nearly complete with his treatment process. As for his place in the band, it turns out that Ryan’s main talent is on the piano/keys/organ. So…”

In response to my question about the bands future, Moore said, “Our current plan for the band is a little uncertain, but will more than likely include some additional time off as the ongoing pandemic hopefully winds down. We want to be very respectful of our followers, but also respectful to the venues we love and to our musician friends who have been impacted much worse than we have. We want to do what we can to help everyone get back up to speed.
In the meantime our focus will likely shift towards our original music. We have a good compilation of original songs that we just haven’t allocated the time yet to. Our desire from the very beginning was to be largely an original music band.”

Moore also said, “As for the cover music we like to do, we’ve always wanted to put our own spin on everything. We can sound like ourselves better than we can sound like somebody else and the last thing we want to be is a karaoke machine. We’re just not good at that. I think we’ve also strayed away from somewhat from our roots and Americana music sounds. We need to recapture those and bring them back into the mix. Long story short, some inward investment time would probably be in order. We sound pretty good now, but I believe we’re capable of so much more. “

When I asked Moore about taking the band into the studio, he replied, “We’ve had some brief discussion with various studios/engineers about how to capture our music. Music production technology is amazing these days and allows for so many avenues of creativity. We’re excited to possibly “refresh” our music, create something new, and share what we have. That’s what makes it fun for us.”

To keep in tune with this band check them out on Facebook here; Caffeinated Soul Boogie. For those jumping ship on social media but still have internet service, you can visit their website here: Caffeinated Soul Boogie

Tony Soldati Tears it Up at AJ McMurphy’s Tuesday Evening

On Tuesday evening the talented Tony Soldati warmed things up outside by offering tunes on the patio at AJ MCMurphy’s, 1914 Turnbury Dr., Greenville, NC.

I first met Soldati about six weeks ago when I first stopped by to check out John Williams’ weekly Rhythm & Grooves open mic. He was the first guest to join Williams on stage and he caught my attention in just a few short notes.

This talented young player hails from Lenoir County and calls Greenville his home as he gets schooled. One thing no one taught him was how to be so fluid in his delivery. He is a naturally gifted guitarist that is passionate about his craft. There is definitely a bright future for this local stringer who is available to perform on stages from the coast of Carolina to the mountains.

Live music video captured by Susan Baugham

He plays shows with other talented players in the area and is also a part of the band The Hooligans. The thing I noted about Soldati’s manipulation of notes and phrases, is every song he touches he makes it his own. That is always a refreshing feature to find in any individual.

I did reach out to Soldati on messenger to ask a few questions to get the host of his story but at press time, there was no reply to my inquiries about his life story, so stay tuned. I am sure we will see this player again soon.

Wednesday’s Open Mic Night in Winterville, NC

Thanks to my music guru to the North, Susan Baugham, Jaymi Mitchell and I rolled out to Winterville on Wednesday evening to check out the open mic night at Nauti Dogs Brewing Co.

Joe Shingara offering sounds for open mic at Nauti Dogs Brewing Co., Greenville, NC

This open mic night came about during the pandemic and is a weekly reprieve for the local music makers. Hosted by local stringer and singer Joe Shingara, this event is open to all talents, novice and veteran music makers.

Nauti Dogs is dog friendly!

The Nauti Dog Brewing Co., 210 Main St. is a cool brewery located in downtown Winterville. They have two rooms, one with a bar and the other for gathering with friends. Also, they have a nice outside patio area. On tap they have a dozen local beers on tap and also offer wine. Each Wednesday, owner Jon Tart opens the floor to local talent.

I noticed the care Shingara took to ensure that the music makers stayed safe while sharing stage space and equipment during these challenging Covid-19 days. He swapped out microphone covers and had sanitizer close at hand.

Following Shingara’s warm up to ensure all the equipment was dialed in, he started welcoming players to the mic. The first player he welcomed was novice guitar man Mark Oliver. When he took his seat at the microphone, Oliver explained that he has owned a guitar most of his life, or at least since his dad gifted him one when he was 8 years old. However, the player got serious about learning how to play last year when he signed up for lessons with local legend, noted above, Frank Jones. Jones has been working with Oliver since January of last year.

Mark & Kotoe Oliver are using music to grow closer in the pandemic.

After offering a couple of solo efforts, Oliver invited his wife Kotoe to join him. Kotoe Oliver was the cutest thing I have seen since meeting Tiffany Elaine at an open mic in New Bern nearly five years ago. It was her awkward shyness that invoked the memory of meeting Elaine years ago.

I assured the duo to relax, I am not here to be a critic of anyone on the scene. My reasons for being here is simply to encourage and tell the stories of the players that I meet.

Tiffany Elaine at The Brown Pelican

I remember it wasn’t long after meeting Tiffany Elaine that her story started to take root on the scene. In fact, in a few short years she became the mother hen of the music scene in Carteret County. After all, it was Elaine who would carry on to host as many as four open mic nights a week throughout the regions. She used these opportunities to make friends, while knitting a community of players together.

Tiffany E, Fernando, Jesse, Rubin, and more joined he jam at Nick’s Blacksheep

Since the pandemic, Elaine has changed her focus more to family, returning to school for business management, something she will use to enhance her music career. As for her bandmate and best friend Fernando Rivera the duo are expecting their daughter, Bella, to make an appearance into the world tomorrow. Congratulations to the talented couple. As for their band, Now or Never, they will return to the scene after things are safe and sound.

As for the Kotoe, she opted to try the guitar as a result of Covid. Her husband had already been signed up for lessons and was really enjoying it, so when Covid came around, she decided that the guitar might prove to be a healthy outlet, so she tried it too.

After several months of lessons, Kotoe would be gifted her first six string last year on Mother’s Day. She is enjoying the journey of music and who knows; maybe she and her husband will be the hosts of local jams in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

Music Options for the Days Ahead

Each week I spend time searching for live music events on Facebook. Here is what my search turned up this week, in the hopes of keeping you entertained.

Getting Down Around Town~ New Bern, NC


Brian Mac

Starting with tonight, you can find live music at Harbour Pointe Bar & Grille, located at 1105 Barkentine Dr. New Bern, NC. They offer amazing food and now live music each Thursday! Tonight Brian McDowell performs 6-9 pm.


Big Jim and Kathy Kolher perform live at Prohibition Drinks & Desserts, 243 Craven St., New Bern. Music plays 6-9 pm.


Sam Lewis is on tap and pouring the tunes at BrÜtopia, 1201 Highway 70 E., in James City. Music will be served this Friday from 6-9 pm


There is live music on the deck at Blackbeard’s Triple Play located at 415 S Front St. This Friday groove to the sounds of New Bern based Smokehouse live from 5:30-9:30 pm.


Acoustic Nick Jarman & Dean Daughtry

While in town you can catch the talented Lenoir County Acoustic Duo Nick & Dean live on stage at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar from 6:30-9:30 pm.


On Wednesday afternoon our friend Heather Haiss made a special announcement. She will be serving up the live tunes in the parking lot of the Brown Pelican, 411 Broad St., New Bern. Music is served from 2-4:30 pm. All are welcome to bring a chair, blankets, food to share, tips for the music makers, and most importantly, donations for the bar.

Our little dirty bird has been a have for music since they opened their doors. Since March 15, 2020, Haiss’s doors have been closed due to covid. These parking lot music sessions are keeping the unique dive bar afloat in these times of crisis for small businesses and bands throughout the world due to the pandemic.

On Saturday you can catch a new band on the scene, The Hand Cramps, sharing the tunes. Check them out 2-4:30 pm.

This weekend the Brown Pelican is taking advantage of the nice weather and offering two days of music sessions. Their staff member Daniel, who helped clean the bar when it was open, suffered a house fire earlier this week. He has lost everything. Since Tuesday Haiss has been actively raising awareness, money and collecting donations to help get Daniel back on his feet.

If you can help Daniel in his time of need, come out and show your love any day that moves you.


Live music options around town for Saturday includes country artist Mikele Buck rocking the tunes at Blackbeard’s Triple Play 415 S Front St., New Bern, NC from 5:30-9:30 pm.


Nannette Garrett

Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar, 901 B Pollock St., New Bern, NC opens their stage to Nannette Garrett and Laura Davis. Music plays from 6:30-9:30 pm.

Laura Davis


Big Jim

Big Jim Kohler will host the Sunday Sessions at the Brown Pelican Parking Lot this week, like most weeks. Kohler has been a staple at the Bird for several years, at one time hosting the Monday blues jam. That good time has not happened since the bar closed it’s doors for Covid. Thanks to Kohler’s help Haiss has been able to use donations to keep things afloat.


Open mic night at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar, 901 Pollock St., has relocated to Sunday evenings. Comes share songs from 6-9 pm. All are welcome to participate or spectate!

Rocking Around The Region


Jeremy Burns will perform live tonight at Tavern On The Green at Eagle Ridge, 565 Competition Rd, Raleigh, NC. Music plays 7-9:30 pm


Heartshaped Jukebox will be performing live and sharing jazz beats at Abbey Road Tavern and Grill, 711 N main St, Fuquay-Varina, NC. music is offered 6-9 pm


Scooters Bar and Grill, 1911 Sego Ct., Raleigh, NC has Kevin Lee on the mic offering the tunes from 5-9 pm.


Elijah’s Manna will play this Friday from 6-9 pm at the Pickled Pub, 14460 Falls of Neuse Rd., Suite 183, Raleigh, NC


You can check out the Gypsy Railroad live this Friday at Saints and Scholars Pub; 909 Spring Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC. Music starts at 6 pm.


The Flying Shamrock, 105 N John St Goldsboro, NC will serve the talent of Madeline Edwards for brunch this weekend. Music is served from 11 am- 3 pm.


This Saturday, Azalea Roots will appear at Luck’s Tavern, 6401 Castle Hayne Rd., Castle Hayne, NC. Music plays from 7-9:30 pm.


JT Ackerman will perform live this Saturday at The Blackened Kracken; 123 E. 5th St., Greenville, NC. Music is on course from 6-9 pm.


Live music by Dale West will be offered at Tippett’s Mill, 15528 Taylor’s Mill Rd., Zebulon, NC. Music is offered Saturday evening from 6-9 pm.


For those that missed brunch on Saturday, you have another chance to catch the talented Madeline Edwards live at The Flying Shamrock, 115 N John St., Goldsboro, NC. Music and brunch are offered from 11 am- 3 pm.


401 Main St., Carrboro, NC will host Rebel’s Fox Duo this Sunday with Nashville recording artist Amanda Pruitt this Sunday. The music and fun start at 3 pm.

Cruising The Crystal Coast


The Sour Barn, 7211 Market St., Wilmington, NC will offer the music of John Hussman. They will open at 4 pm and close at 10 pm. Music is offered 6-9 pm.


Friday will be the debut of Scott Arnold at Bogue Sound Distillery 108 Bogue Commercial Dr, Bogue Sound, NC. On site will be Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ to offer the tasty supper.


PT’s Old Fashioned Grille at Magnolia Greens, 1035 Grandiflora Dr., Leland, NC offers live music each Friday during the dinner hours of 6-9 pm. Call (910) 399-6808 for more information on who is playing.


Chris Pearson will be at The Joyce, 1174 Turlington Ave., Leland, NC. Music is served from 6-9 pm.


The Wes Saywr Trio will be live this Friday at Wild Wing Cafe, 1331 Military Cutoff Rd., Wilmington, NC. Music will play 6-9 pm.



There is a benefit taking place this Saturday afternoon and evening at Rookie’s Sports Bar & Grill, 1187 Highway 58, Cape Carteret. NC. This event kicks off at 2 pm and will offer, food, live music and more. All donations and monies raised will be used to help Local citizen Doug Hector Dougherty.

Offering the live music for this event will be local band Roger That and regional rocker Adam Hill. A $5 donation at the door is suggested but you may contribute more to the cause of you wish.


Jack’s Waterfront Bar, 513 Evans St., Morehead City; will host the music of Cooper Greer & Billy Craig this Saturday evening. Music plays from 5:30-9 pm.- 9 pm.5:30-9 pm.


The acoustic duo Gravitation will provide the music accompaniment during dinner this Saturday at Riptidez Bar & Grill, 3110 Bridges St, Morehead City. Music is served from 6-9


Further south, at The Joyce you can enjoy the sounds of Jenny Lynn this Saturday from 6-9 pm.


Roger Davis will perform this Saturday at the Cameron Art Museum 3201 S. 17th St., Wilmington, NC. This show kicks off Saturday morning at 11:30 am.


Just a few hours later, down the road a bit, you can catch Jeremy Mathews love from 2-5 pm at Wrightsville Beach Brewery, 6201 Oleander Dr., Wilmington.


Stoked Restaurant, 313 Canal Dr in Carolina Beach offers the music of country stringer Kenny Reaves for dinner this Saturday from 6-9 pm.


Raphael Name will be the artist performing this Sunday Morning at The Cameron Art Museum. You can check him out from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm.


Live music this Sunday at the Sour Barn is being billed as the band rehearsal for Starlight Speedway. The fun starts at 2 pm. Come out and show some love.


Edward Teach Brewing 604 N 4th St., Wilmington, NC will host Emily Roth this Sunday afternoon from 4-7 pm.


The RV Road Show will be performing at The Daily Grind Coffee Shop, 114 N Topsail Dr, Surf City this Sunday from 6-9 pm.



Written and published by Tracey Stones

I dedicate my free time to publish this blog so to connect people to local music here in North Carolina. Checking in from New Bern, I travel far and wide in a grateful GMC that boasts 461k miles

Music supporters Susan and Alfred Baugham, Tracey Stones and Jaymi Mitchell on the scene in support of Tony Soldati on stage on the patio at AJ McMurphy’s

I am happy to do this because I feel people need music, as it offers good vibes to help us get through a difficult life. I have a knack for finding music and love to tell the tales of the players I meet along the way! Thank you for reading! Please tell your friends about this blog site too.

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