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On The Scene With Tracey Stones   ℘℘℘℘℘

Sunday Afternoon In The Park Brings The Blues


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    The Carolina Swamp Dogs came to Fairfield Harbour last weekend, to perform as part of the concert series which I host for the neighborhood. Tracey Stones Productions, LLC presents this concert series, which takes place every other weekend throughout the warmer weather seasons at Red Sail Park. The duo came from the Jacksonville area and offered two long sets of sizzling hot blues for the crowd that gathered.

I met this band as a trio three years ago at the NC Seafood Festival in Morehead City. They wowed me with their take on the blues. Offering an educational experience with listeners. They teach about the masters that created the first musical offerings from our American culture. The blues have a deep-rooted history in being America’s music offering to the world. It’s originators live on through those shared musical traditions which they offered the world, as new players carry the torch in keeping the blues alive. One of the things I appreciate most about this band, whether they come as a duo or a trio, the education comes with them. The lead singer, percussionist and harmonica Gary Oles tells tales about the players that carved the history of this music genre. Band-mate Tommy Langlois plays the guitar while keeping the beats with his feet. Offering some vocals, the duo offers a fun show of great music.

For those around town that missed the show, good news, The Carolina Swampdogs will be returning to town tonight to perform on the deck at Persimmons. Music will play from 6:30-9:30 pm, as you dine under the sails if the weather is right, upstairs if it is not so nice.  Next weekend they will return to town to play The Brown Pelican. The duo will offer music from 8-11 pm on Saturday, August 24, 2019.

For those interested in knowing, my next show in Fairfield Harbour will offer the music of Hank Barbee and The Dusty Trio. It was recently made public that Hank Barbee’s wife, Holly Barbee’s father Greg Davis is very sick. Recently diagnosed with a brain tumor, he also lost his job. These have been rough days for the family and in an effort to make things easier, we will be collecting donations for the singer’s father-in-law. Please come out for a fun afternoon of great music and help this artist help his family. Showtime is Sunday, August 25, 2019, at 3 PM. For those that cannot attend the show but would like to help this family in need, please consider visiting and donating to the GO FUND ME set up by his family.


Sunday Evening Jazz and Special Guests Conclude The Weekend Music Offerings

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Following my concert in Fairfield Harbour, I packed up my banners and headed to town to catch some Jazz courtesy of John Van  Dyke and friends. They offer two shows each month out on the deck at Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant. I am glad I did not delay, as it was my sweet friends Kathy Kohler who was standing with the band when I arrived. She wowed the crowd like she always does by offering two songs. She was not the only diva to join Van Dyke on the mic. He also shared a song with June Bonner later in the show. These jazz offerings are served from 5:30-7:30 each Sunday afternoon. Welcome the evening with wonderful sounds under the sails as the moon rises over the Neuse River. Van Dyke is a resident performer, offering a jazz show on the second and fourth Sunday of the month. The first Sunday of the month offers the sultry sounds of Alisa Mike and this week come out for the Jazz sounds of Andrea Owens. 


More Blues To Welcome The Week


Nothing gets the week started right better than a good dose of the blues. Blues Night at The Brown Pelican with host Big Jim Kohler is still a thing and people are flocking to it! Last week was a little more special than most, as Big Jim was joined by his bride midway through the show. Kathy Kohler rarely joins the Monday night party as she rather enjoys the night off. But last week with so many of her friends in the house, it only made sense to summons her to the stage. After a quick shower, the powerhouse singer graced us with her presence and offered a handful of amazing song selections. Included in her set was “People Get Ready,” as well as a slaying version of  B.B. King’s “The Thrill IS Gone.”

Big Jim stays busy bluesin’ throughout the week around town and then brings his show around the region on weekends. You can join the fun jams any Monday at The Brown Pelican or most Wednesdays at City Stage. The jams run from 7-9 pm at both venues and all are welcome to come out and join in the fun. Coming up this Friday, August 23, you can catch the band on the deck at Persimmons Restaurant sharing sounds with diners from 6:30-9:30 PM.


~ Live Music Options ~

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Getting Down Around Town New Bern

Our Local Clubs and Pubs

Persimmons Restaurant

Live music will be offered at Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant this evening courtesy of the Carolina Swamp Dogs. They will be sharing blues grooves from 6:30-9:30 PM. I was informed this afternoon, that if it is raining at the time of the show the band will perform upstairs. This means live music rain or shine. We hope you will join us!


The Brown Pelican

The Brown Pelican hosts an evening of music with Sometimes Lions. Coming to town for tonight, this duo will be offering more of the fun, folk-inspired grooves they enjoy shuffling through and more, 8-11 pm. 


Blackbeard’s Triple Play


Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant, 415 S Front St. The party comes courtesy of classic rockers The Wannabees. They will bring the music to life, sharing all the grooves you will love. Music plays generally at 7:30- 11 PM. For more info and confirmation on tonight’s show please reach out and call the club at 252-635-0322.


On the James City Side of that Confounded Bridge


BrÜtopia offers the freshest brewed beer and the grooves of Kristie Lynnlive. Sharing songs tonight and jamming from 7-10 pm. Free music for your listening pleasure. Come out and support local music, while you enjoy the freshest new beer on tap!


The Garage


The Garage welcomes the music of local stringer and soothing singer Ed Prophet! Live music is offered from 7-10 pm for FREE! But I suggest, you feel free to tip the servers and musicians you meet along the way!


On The Outskirts of Town

Sara’s Big Apple

Justin Castellano will wow you, as he provides the dinner music at Sara’s Big Apple this evening. Music is offered from 6-8 PM. Come enjoy the terrific dinner specials and live music that will amaze you. Castellano is an awesome talent that should be seen by the masses. He plays the guitar like no one else around here. Come see what I mean.

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Cruising the Crystal Coast

Atlantic Beach 2016


Cedar Point, NC

Treehouse Beer Company


Treehouse Beer Company welcomes the music of Now & Then live and grooving in the garden from 7-10 pm. Sip on a cold beer and groove to the music tonight.



Bake, Bottle & Brew

Davy Williamson offers the live music sounds tonight at Bake, Bottle & Brew this eveningMusic is offered from 6-9 pm.


Emerald Isle, NC

The Trading Post: Southern Food and Spirits


Big Drink Music Company will be offering songs to the fans and friends, that gather for good eats and great beer tonight at The Trading Post: Southern Food and Spirits. Music starts at 6 pm and will rock you until 9 pm.


Morehead City, NC

Floyds 1921 Restaurant and Catering



Floyds 1921 Restaurant and Catering welcomes Mommicked for your dining entertainment this evening. Music plays from 7-10 pm. You are welcome to come early for a delicious dinner and stay late for fun music.


Jack’s Waterfront Bar


~Saturday August 17th~
Open @ Noon
Live music by Bounce begins @ 9:30pm
Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza available


~Sunday Funday August 18th~
Open @ Noon
Live music by RV Road Show from 4pm – 8pm
Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza available


See you at Jack’s!



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Off The Hook welcomes Al G & Friends tonight on the deck. This four-piece band from Raleigh, blend funk with blues and mix in some jazz to offer the most fun grooves. Music starts at 10 pm and the fun jams last until it’s time to head home. Come out and dance the night away under the stars!


Beaufort, NC

Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop

Cru Bar & Wine Store/ The Beaufort Coffee Shop

Diane Cluck & Kayla Lewis, Sat Aug 17th, 7:30-11:30, $3 Cover Charge

This is going to be an intimate night with singer-songwriter, Diane Cluck. Opening act Kayla Lewis!

Kayla Lewis is a local singer-songwriter and frontwoman of the band Nüttbrëd. Her voice is soulful, angelic and even edgy at times.

“Diane Cluck is an American singer-songwriter. She describes her music as “intuitive folk”. She currently resides in Virginia.” (


Southport, NC

Fishy Fishy Cafe


 Maxwell & Co will offer the dinner grooves and will be serving the sounds at Fishy Fishy Cafe tonight. Music starts at 6:30 pm and the food is always delicious. 


Wilmington, NC

The Whiskey

A special night atThe Whiskey! LIVE Saturday, August 17th.
The Adam Hill Band with special Guests Travis Shallow & Bob Russell.
Doors open at 8 pm
Show Starts at 10 pm

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

Rocking Around the Region

Garner, NC

Locked & Loaded Bar & Grill


Locked & Loaded Bar & Grill opens the stage to Automag, offering their rocking best tonight. Music is free and kicks off at 9:30 pm and lasts until 1:30 am.


Durham, NC

The Blue Note Grill

The Blue Note Grill

The Gravy Boys are on tap for your Saturday evening entertainment at Blue Note Grill.  Music plays from 8-11 pm and tickets are at the door. The price is $10.00 for entry. Come dance your blues away.


Seven Springs, NC

Crossroads Grill & Bar

My sweet and talented friend Bill Lyerly will be sharing songs tonight with friends and fans that gather at Crossroads Grill & Bar this Saturday night. Music starts at 10 pm. This marks his last gig in the area this month, so catch him while you can. Grab a burger, enjoy a cold beer and groove to the music tonight. 


Kinston, NC

The Red Room

The Red Room offers the modern country sounds of Steel County Express with Jayke Steel.  Music starts at 10 pm. There is a $5.00 music charge. Please pay the admission fee as a means of supporting live music.


Washington, NC

Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar & Grill

There are some live music choices up to our North tonight. Backwater Jack’s Tiki Bar & Grill is always a great time with music and good food on the menu! Music is served from 7-10 pm each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Thursdays, they welcome all players with a Low Key Open Mic Night hosted by Brian Burke.

On Fridays and Saturdays it’s the finest local acts on the list to entertain you, while you dine, drink and unwind. Tonight it is jam night. For The Love of Music with John William! The BEST in Music Jams! 


Answering the Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region, I ask my Facebook followers each week where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week.

August 12 at 7:01 PM

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