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On the Scene With Tracey Stones

New Year ~ Old Friends ~ Great Grooves!

The New Year was good to Hank Barbee, who just came off the road from a quick tour of the south lands. Making a name for himself with his signature sound of surfadelic guitar stylings. He stays busy making his music for fans from his home base of NC to the coast of Florida. It has come by way of steady work and dedication to his music and self.

Luckily, behind the scenes there is greater things at work in Barbee’s life, as he looks forward to the future and his life with his fiancé. Barbee got engage over the holidays. Funny thing is, he also picked up a beautiful acoustic guitar while on this last rotation. When I saw him at The Shucking Shack this past Wednesday night, I walked in to find a stripped down Barbee and the forefront with mic and guitar before him.

One of the things Barbee is also known for is his crazy complex peddleboard, which was MIA for the night. What a beautiful night of inspiring simple sounds with Barbee and a six string plus a few special guest singers. It was a great way to return to the music coverage for yet another year.

Leaving a dust trail of broken hearts, the committed Barbee is taking that commitment to the next level. Looking forward to wedding plans and conquering the world with the love and inspiration of a good woman next to him, this should prove to be a great year for the talented songwriter. Besides talk of a wedding, there is also talk about time in the studio with the band. Keep it here to stay in tune with this great talent.

For those looking to catch up with Barbee this weekend, you can find him with the Dust Parade Trio at Osprey Grill tonight, located at 2200, Gum Branch Road, Jacksonville, North Carolina. Music plays from 7-10 pm. Come early for some great food and stay late for the appetizing music. Tomorrow night Barbee will be live in New Bern with his band at the Brown Pelican, 411 Broad St., New Bern, NC. Music for that event is 8-11 pm and that event is free.


Open Mic Madness About Town

Wednesday Warm Up at La Rosa

On my way back to town I stopped in at La Rosa’s Italina Restaurant, Bar & Lounge to wish John Morgan and Tiffany Foth a Happy New Year. Located at 1503 B Glenburnie Rd., New Bern, NC, John Morgan has come in on the bar and lounge side of the business owned and operated by Angela Poole! What this means is that one of the finest italian restaurants in the state of NC, now has the hippest bar manager making magic on the other side.

Basically until this recent move made by Morgan, after Mesh closed it’s doors last year, La Rosa’s was known simply for its excellent dining experience. Now Morgan is working toward his dreams, bringing his visions into the new room. Justin Hargett does the mid-week shuffle and hosts the open mic each week from 10 pm til closing. I have seen and met many great performers at open mic since it’s onset under Morgan’s direction.

Some other things that are on Morgan’s mind are, opening the doors to more live music. He is happy to work with performers who would be willing to use his room to introduce themselves to a new room for the promotions of tips. Committed to working together in making live music an option for the room however, it must grow its own budget. If you would be interested in performing, reach out to Morgan on Facebook. After you have a date confirmed, reach out to me on Facebook or email to let me know the news…both links to me are found below.


Thursday Throw Down about Town

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Now that the holidays are all packed away, it was time to get on with the returns…for me that means the return to live music. It moves me to watch people in their natural state, offering their God-given talents for others to enjoy! On both nights I went with the company of Fairlight Moriah, who is such an inspiring soul. Meeting this woman who has arrived here from Colorado, with a voice that should be heard coast to coast on every continent, is more than likely just passing through our great state. She is the mother of very talented children and she herself is an amazing creation, so it probably won’t be long before she sets sail from here.

Nonetheless, it is with great diligence that we are working together to make sure she has a portfolio to leave here with, so to make bigger waves in the next town that is blessed to welcome her. She has been singing her entire life and she explains, “The problem is not getting me to sing! The challenge is getting me to stop!” Who would want that, she has the voice of an angel and a free spirit to match. To be quite honest, what is very clear to me is that, New Bern is not ready for this girl, she is more the stage presence of New York, not New Bern. Yet her heart calls her to the farthest coast and which leaves her sights set on California.

When we went out on Wednesday, she offered a couple of Bonnie Raitt numbers to Hank Barbee’s audience and then kicked off the open mic night off at La Rosa’s here in New Bern with a powerful acapella original. On Thursday evening we started out with Dueling Pianos at Circa 1810 Bar at The Harvey Mansion, where for a $2.00 cover you were entertained by a great duo of key ticklers and audience teasers…Tim and Tony commanded the attention of everyone that walked in to enjoy their performance and during their offering of Marshall Tucker, Fairlight took the mic and wowed the room too.

If you have not made time to catch the Dueling Pianos be sure to stop out. Their last show on the schedule is January 25. They are phenomenal and fun. If you miss them, it is through no fault of mine. Tonight the incredible act will be playing at Duck’s in Jacksonville. Here is the lowdown:

This Friday night we will have our first Friday night Dueling Pianos Show!

This is the show you DON’T want to miss!! Guinness World Record holder Tim Buie and his crazy amazing skills will be here from New Orleans, the most beautiful drummer in the world Mrs. Nikki Lukens and the legendary entertainer Tony Basford will be putting on an epic performance!! If you are looking for crazy awesome entertainment it doesn’t get any better than this! Come on out and see it for yourselves!

Drink Specials Include:
$3 Fireball
$2 Miller and Bud Light Bottles
$3 Yuengling Pints

1/2 price select apps from midnight till 2 a.m.

If you have not been able to make any of our Wednesday shows, make your reservation as soon as possible! Reservations not required but are recommended. (9pm Showtime).

Open Mic night at the Brown Pelican was full of talent and enjoyable music. Kicking it off was Ben, a young performer who has a grip on creating new music. That is always refreshing, especially from younger players. Last night offered moment of full band progressions and a few solo helpings that were dished out. One of the entertainers gave up a few tap dance numbers which was awesome. Satterfield Phaup is as unique and original as his name implies. His feet are happy and infectious. Later in the evening the crowd was treated to a familiar set of Dylan songs, offered by a visiting sailor who is actually a street performer in MA. Ed Casazza offered classic Dylan with feeling and allure. In all it was a fun night of fresh new music.

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Answering The Call

Checking things out around the rest of the region. I ask my Facebook followers where we can go to hear them play. This is what they said this week

January 9 at 7:48pm

These events and so many more are available now on the new calendar app which I posted on the side of the page and as a page tab in the menu above. Be sure to visit all of the pages and look for big changes here in the NEW YEAR!

Thanks so much for and rocking around the state with me. Come back next year for more music fun and memories shared.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


 Thanks for Reading!

That is all the news and music that I found for you tonight. Always call the club in advance to confirm what you read here is true. Many times events change without anyone updating the Facebook event created for said gig.

I hope you get out and enjoy the sounds of live music sometime soon. I am dedicated to making sure you know where to go to find it. If you like this blog please sign up and get an email each time we publish. I appreciate my readers, the musicians and the venues who all do a part in keeping live music alive! Give us a like and tell your friends by sharing this page on your social media pages. To the many bands and clubs, thanks for keeping me informed!


Take kindness with you today, tip those that serve you and the music makers that rock you and hug and share love. Don’t forget that life is short and could end in a moment, so make sure you take time to enjoy the dance. Please party safely people! We love having you here with us! You rock, so don’t roll the car! Rely on sober friends, call a cab or sign up to Uber around!

Send all of your event invites to me on Facebook, so I know where you are playing in the days ahead. I can be found on Facebook by following this link:

I also read emails daily. You can send those to:

Please include the day, the date, the time of the event, the time of your scheduled performance, what time doors open and the price of tickets. Pictures are also helpful. I share links to band websites, so send those along as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill me in on the details, together we will reach the people!


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