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Tuesday Teasers~

When I listen through to Lee Delray’s,  Brand New Man,  his second release in recent years and latest effort; I am can hear his many different influences and am even reminded of  my own life’s version of “Yesterday’s Tears” the final track of the recording that had me recalling how we met so many years ago.

I met this blues stringer when he crossed paths with a blues slinger from NEPA that I represented for more than a decade. Delray and I have been friends for the better part of seventeen years.  Born in Florida and raised in New York, he hails from PA and is making some waves throughout the industry with his new works.

Vested in the blues since I met him in 1998, he has spent his time playing hard and building his fan base. Since setting out on the road, Delray has worked hard to get to where he is today. This is the follow up to his initial recorded effort 570-BLUES. That 2013 debut that climbed the charts and shined a light on Delray’s potential in the blues world.

Looking over this new release, some of my favorite tracks on this new ten song release that will help solidify his roots in Keeping The Blues Alive, include “Hollar” a catchy come here tune that ought to get ya grooving; “Gotcha” a gritty guitar number that tells it like it is and “Cookin’ In My Kitchen.”  In all, these selections not only depict the life of a blues man, but with Delray at the helm, he is sure to rock face with his brand of music.

Thick in the blues, Delray is also influenced by funk and country and good ol rock n roll. Sticking true to his own roots on this latest effort you can find them all mixed in as he lays his soul out; track after track. Right on down to the final offering, a bonus track on the new release. “Don’t Ya Mind,” the Son House classic sung in true, raw acapella fashion. To be quite honest I like this effort from the opening track “Meet My Maker” to the bonus offered on the purchase of the actual disc. To check it out and learn more about Lee Delray and his trio of blues rock that will certainly move you; visit his website at

Brand New Man is out now and you can get a copy on Amazon, through iTunes or go to Lee Delray’s website and check out his history and his latest news too. I am telling my friends in North Carolina about this artist today so that they are plenty familiar with him when I bring him through the state in January and February.

Plans are in the works to have The Lee Delray Band here as the band travels to and from Memphis at the turn of the new year. He is now the two-time regional International Blues Challenger winner. Delray represented the Lehigh Valley Blues Network at the IBC in Memphis, TN in 2014 and will be returning in 2017 to represent the Second Story Blues Alliance. With his current climb of the blues charts just underway we ought to have a number on blues act in town in just a matter of months.



On another note, I have an area  artist to tell you about as well. I happened to  receive an older release from the above pictured axe man, Hank Barbee a few weeks back.  He gave me a copy of his self named debut release from 2012 when we met and I have been enjoying many of the tracks on that release as I get ready for this singer/songwriter to come to town this weekend.

Barbee will be appearing live at The Brown Pelican, located at 411 Broad St., New Bern, NC this Saturday evening. He will take the stage at 9 pm and will be in the house  with merchandise to sell. Great on guitar and soothing on vocals, I like this six string player. He is fun, his music familiar and this Richlands player truly enjoys interacting with his audience.

I caught him along the coast at Cru Bar & Wine Store in Beaufort. I think he is a great fit for New Bern and the crowd ought to enjoy his contemporary style and sound.  Currently finishing up his second release which will be available this fall, Barbee is excited about his follow up effort, Son Royale.

To keep up with all this stringers news and dates check him out at You can also search him out on YouTube and look for him on Facebook too!


The final teaser that I have for you is an event taking place at The City Laundry located at 901 Pollock Street, New Bern, NC on Saturday; October 1, 2016.

Foodie Blues with Vincent Farro is a special engagement that requires a reservation in advance. Seating for this night featuring fine food and glorious entertainment is limited which is why I am telling you early.

I have sampled the chef’s food and it is delicious. He is a top notch caterer new to town. In the short time he has been in New Bern, Farro has kept busy with all his many crafts. He is a Champion Hair Stylist that owed a salon in New Jersey. He keeps his license in good standing and offers haircuts to people who can’t leave home, whether it be because of a disability or an age factor, Farro will come to the house to cut your hair.

He also has a love for cooking and started his own catering business since arriving to town seven months ago. He at another time in his years, also ran a restaurant in New Jersey. In case that is not enough to keep a man going, he is a singer and acoustic guitar player that enjoys jamming to his own original numbers as well as classics that remind people of fun times with song.

Tickets for this intimate event of food, music and memory making fun are $45.00 per person and that includes a full gourmet buffet prepared by Vincent Farro who will also be performing with his band the Cochise Cowboys while inviting  other local entertainers including local singer and performer, Tracey Brenneman. 

The price does not include beer or wine but there will be a cash bar available for those that would like a drink with dinner. To reserve your seating today call Kim at The City Laundry at 252-876-7007.

Well that is all I have for this first installment of Tuesday’s Teasers! I hope you enjoyed it…if you are looking for music in the Bern, head on out to Triple Play Restaurant where Big Jim Kohler is welcoming jammers to the stage right now. Have a great night and keep on grooving!

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