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You hear me say it all the time, “Free music is never free.”  Here is more news, this free music blog is not free either. It costs money to host the site, fill the truck with gas, and run it around the STATE. It also takes quite a bit of time to follow the music and then write these entries each week. But the mission of connecting people to local music is something I am passionate about.

Writing about and supporting the local, live music scene has many benefits for bands, venues, and communities. This has been noted in my work with this blog. The intention of this site is to build stronger music communities within the communities supporting live music.

The goal is to take music promotions to a new level.  Social media works, but believe it or not, it is a hit-or-miss opportunity like most media markets. When you piggyback your social media presence with site-building content it keeps your social media presence more interesting. 

 In 2015, I published the first local music blog. I have been chasing local music all around the state since. Taking some time off to rebuild, we are back to support venues and music makers recovering from the awful pandemic. 


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The girl behind the banner has big dreams and major ambitions of bringing people together and healing the world with music. If you wish to help me on this journey of connecting people to music please consider one of these affordable options! There are so many ways for people to be a part of this build.

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This site makes a great advertising vehicle for any business large or small. 

Community Co-Hosts
Do you have a live music venue? Are you the leader in your niche? Do you have a website? Consider partnering with me here and creating a content page on this site for your business. Sponsorship dollars can be used as advertising expenses and it is the advertising plan that you control all year. 


Are you a band or a small business with a limited budget? Consider advertising here! We can link your website to this blog site so that new readers find you each week. This site grows every week as does the broad spectrum of coverage.
Fact is, this effort will only get better with the help of the community! In fact, it can’t happen without you because it is all happening for you!


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If you are a reader, who likes to support live music and enjoy the content of this blog and you have a few dollars to spare, you can always tip the grateful blogger.

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