It Was A Double Bill in Swansboro, NC for SwanFest on Sunday, July 3, 2022

Downtown Swansboro, on the corner where the people gather for music and memories thanks to the hard work of the Seaside Arts Council

Seaside Arts Council

The community organization known as Seaside Arts Council does a wonderful job of supporting the arts in the Swansboro and Western Carteret areas. They were established in 2009 and do a lot to educate and provide opportunities for the arts in the areas they serve. I wanted to share their mission and vision with my readers because this is something we can all get behind.

“The Mission of the Seaside Arts Council is to promote, advance, and provide performing arts opportunities, appreciation, and education for residents of and visitors to the Swansboro and Western Carteret County Area.

We execute this mission by Hosting the SwanFest Summer Concert Series, hosting art shows featuring local artists, offering scholarships to promising local students, and much more.”

On Sunday, July 3, 2022, The Seaside Arts Council awarded four $1500 scholarships to deserving seniors in the area they serve. Three of the four were on hand to be introduced to the crowd in between band sets.

As for their vision: “The Seaside Arts Council of Swansboro and Western Carteret is the voice of the arts, dedicated to promoting dynamic and diverse arts to our community and surrounding areas. The Arts Council strives to connect the positive power of the arts and music to educate and inspire our youth while uniting people across all cultures, building a strong community that is a quality place to live, work and play.”

The two best ways to show your support are to show up for the shows and to give, whether it is electronically, online, or in the field.

They are promoting two Summer concert series for locals and visitors to enjoy each week throughout the season. SwanFest takes place in Swansboro each Sunday from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. This free concert series goes down at The Pavilion at Olde Towne Square.

On the flip side of the Swanfest Schedule is the EmeraldFest Schedule. This is a free weekly concert series that happens each Thursday in Emerald Isle at the Western Ocean Regional Access from 6:30-8:30 pm

Captain Dick & The Lost Seamen Kick Things Off

Capt. Dick & The Lost Seamen for SwanFest featured band founder Dicky Scearce, guitar and vocals, Dino Pelletier taking the lead guitar, David Stover on bass and vocals, and Josh Mineer behind the kit, with a special guest offering harmonies and percussions, Jason Patterson.

Interestingly enough, the band that will be appearing at EmeraldFest this Thursday is who opened the show on Sunday, July 3, 2022, at SwanFest. Captain Dick & The Lost Seamen is a local band project that was started by Dicky Scearce and Jack Ketner a few years ago. In fact, the quartet welcomed me into 2021, by being the first band I saw last year. I caught the original cast back then for a fun night of music at Bogue Sound Distillery. (photo below)

For those that are not from around here, you should note that Scearce & Ketner are staples on The Crystal Coast music scene. Sadly, Ketner has suffered a few medical setbacks since this band formed. Given those developments, the show goes on with another area legend holding down the strings and filling in the sounds on the lead guitar, the gifted Dino Pelletier.

I met Scearce & Ketner early in my blogging travels, This file photo brings us back 7 years ago to Beaufort where I found the band sharing songs at The Dockhouse.
Guitarist Dino Pelletier closed out the set with The Star-Spangled Banner, Hendrix style!

Sunday would mark the first time I caught Scearce with a drummer in the backdrop. Keeping time for the band was New Bern beat maker, Josh Mineer, helping him on bass and with song and harmony, and David Stover, who played with both bands on the bill last Sunday.

Captain Dick & The Lost Seamen, rhythm makers Mineer & Stover

The band offers many popular songs to keep the crowd dancing and enjoying the music. They also sprinkle the set with originals that keep them grooving too. They are a fun band and perfect for their beach environment. Check out their site and put them on your schedule soon by visiting: Captain Dick and The Lost Seamen.

If you missed your chance to see the band last weekend, call your friends and make a plan to see them this Thursday at EmeraldFest. The music starts at 6;30 pm Bring a chair or blanket, friends and family. Just leave the pets and alcohol at home.

The Pegasus Plus Reunion Show

Opening the set with rocking original music Pegasus + at SwanFest

Pegasus Plus was a popular rock act from NC that toured regionally, for years. In fact, many of my friends from the area recall their treks to The Attic, a popular rock club in Greenville, NC. Local music scene side note, that club was owned by Built For Comfort’s beat keeper, Joe Tronto. That blues band is rocking the scene tonight in Washington, NC at the new night spot, Sevens. Pegasus Plus was a popular attraction when they came to the area and they still have the knack for delivering a quality show.

Pegasus Plus Reunion came to be after the band took a 30 plus year break. David Stover reached out to his bandmates to see how everyone was doing. Before long the group was getting together for monthly practice sessions and now plays a couple of shows a year together.

Pegasus + founder, vocalist, and bass player David Stover at one of the band’s first reunion shows.Circa February 2019 at Lincoln Theater in Raleigh, NC

I would love to see more of this band. Seems the first couple of times I saw them they were playing with other popular NC rock bands on theater stages. Once with the Wannabees a classic rock cover band based in New Bern, NC, and the first time was in Raleigh with Nantucket. Interesting side note about the scene, all these bands share the drummer, Jason Patterson. who has quite an impressive biography.

I have known Patterson for nearly a decade now. In all this time, we never sat down and talked about his career behind the kit. In fact, we’ve spent more time talking shop as we are both small business owners. At one point during the show on Sunday, his bandmate J. K. Loftin was talking about their rock star drummer. I already knew he logged beats with the Wannabees as that was how we met. And I learned along the way that he was Nantucket’s drummer too. But I never knew he was the drummer for Cry of Love, a popular rock band that formed in Raleigh in the late 80s and stayed on the road touring into the early 90s.

After learning this I did a little research on my friend Patterson. Following his time with Cry of Love, he ended up on tour with Texas guitarist Chris Duarte. Duarte was one of the first artists I wrote about in 1994 after landing on the blues scene. Duarte was fairly new to the scene at the time as well and I did a review of his first release. An effort that Patterson would help him support.

When I asked Patterson about his career I wondered what touring experience he enjoyed the most and he replied, “ I had a blast playing with Chris. Such a brilliant player. We were in a van loading our gear in and out a lot of one-nighters. Saw some parts of the country that I did not see with Cry Of Love.”

Pegasus Plus Reunion with David Stover, bass and vocals, J.k. Loftin guitar and vocals, Martin Bissell, guitar and vocals, Bill Joyner, music director, keyboards, guitar and vocals, and Jason Patterson drums and supporting vocals.

Both shows last Sunday were noteworthy for the bands and those that attended. Seaside Arts Council is doing a good job supporting the arts in their area. I hope you decide to show your support by attending one of their events soon. Tomorrow the husband and wife band 4EverAll will take the stage under the pavilion. The music starts at 6:30 pm. You are welcome to bring a chair, invite friends, and buy tumblers and t-shirts, but leave the alcohol and pets at home.

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Concert Series Season Where We Find Music Under Gazebos and Pavilions, Plus Solo Acts, A Bit About Open Mic Nights and A New Music Calendar for NC!

Music In The Park Featuring Built For Comfort Band Under the Gazebo In Morehead City

On Saturday, June 11, 2022 I caught up with Built For Comfort rocking their blues under the gazebo in Morehead City, for the Second Saturday Concert Series at Martin Luther King Jr City Park. The blues quartet from the Greenville area offer a fun show, featuring many blues standards and familiar rock favorites.

Making up the sounds in this band are Landy Spain, who tackles the guitar parts and lends a hand on vocals; Al Carroll plays the bass, Joe Tronto keeps the back beat on the drums and last but not least on harmonica, washboard, vocals is the band’s frontman, Bill Hunneke.

They perform many shows throughout the year, but its always fun to find them jamming in the park. The first time I heard this band in 2016, I met them at a park just around the corner, down on the water for Downtown Morehead City’s Alive at Five Concert Series.

Built for Comfort offer a Teeny Weeny Bit of fun music for fans in the park on Saturday June 11, 2022 in Morehead City’s Martin Luther King Jr. Park

Fans of the band can catch them on the second Saturday in July, if you find yourself in the Washington, NC area. Click here for event details: Built for Comfort on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at Sevens in Washington, NC. At the end of July they will rock their hometown when they take the stage at A.J. McMurphy’s in Greenville. Music will be shared from 8-11pm.

Click on this link if you’re looking for more information on the acts on the schedule for the Second Saturday Series

Coming up next month for the Second Saturday Concert Series will be the Thrillbillies, under the gazebo at Martin Luther King Jr. Park on Saturday, July 9, 2022 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Bring a chair and the family for a night of food truck food and fun music.

At Swanfest We Go Under the Pavilion with Pure T Mommicked

pure t mommicked rocking Swanfest on Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Swansboro, NC

Pure T Mommicked is a familiar band on our local rock scene. This band has nearly a quarter-century of tales to tell. Over the years that I have known them I have seen duo and trio versions of the band, but Sunday, June 19, 2022, I was finally rocked by the full ensemble, complete with the church band rhythm section which included, Darren Boyd on bass and BJ Maynard on drums. Band founder and frontman Jimmy Mahoney, is the man on the mic with some guitar grit thrown in. Mark Hibbs more often plays bass with the band, but last week he tackled the six-string for Neal Paul who was out of town.

SwanFest is a weekly concert series brought to us by the Seaside Arts Council and its sponsors in downtown Swansboro, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Should you find the time to attend some Sunday soon, please consider offering a donation to assist with keeping the music and arts community flowing.

Of course, when living in Eastern North Carolina in the Summer, we do have to contend with storms and severe weather on occasion. When weather interferes with the show going on the committee simply reschedules the show. Sometimes they extend the season and other times the stack acts. For example, I went to see Pegasus Plus on Sunday, June 12 but given the weather, they rescheduled the band for July 3. The double header will be featuring Captain Dick & the Lost Seamen kicking things off at 6:30 pm, followed by Pegasus Plus at 7:30 pm.

2022 Swanfest Schedule

MC for the event last Sunday was Will Baker who is a member of the Seaside Arts Council and half of the Will & Tony Show. Always active in supporting the arts, I met Baker years ago when he was working Hillsborough, NC for a living and promoting local music on the radio there too. Now that he is retired, our coastal area is happy to have his talents in event planning.

Baker takes photos and videos of the events and uploads the captures to the Seaside Arts Councils Facebook Page. You can follow them and enjoy the music.

Will Baker welcomes gatherers to the Father’s Day SwanFest and introduces Pure T Mommicked who opens the show with a rocking original number

As for last Sunday, it was a beautiful Father’s Day night with local rockers, Pure T Mommicked, a band that came to life 24 years ago, just over the bridge in Emerald Isle, NC. Over the years the band has turned out quite a bit of original music, which is available on all streaming platforms. When I was writing this piece I was listening to them on Spotify, but at work I listen to them on Amazon Music. If you enjoy original rock I recommend checking out this rocking quartet. To keep up with their show and band announcements, follow them on facebook by liking pure t mommicked today.

Spotlight on Some Local Solo Singers

Hank Barbee at Oceanana Pier and Pier House Restaurant

I caught up with a solo Hank Barbee at the beach a couple weeks back. The long legged baritone was set up for dinner sounds, under the bar cover on the deck at Ocenana Pier and Pier House Restaurant. They host live music every Saturday evening from 6-9 pm.

Barbee splits his time playing solo, mostly around his hometown area of Wilmington, NC, and making rhythms around the region with his band The Dust Parade. In fact, the quartet will be setting up for a show tonight at Carolina Home & Garden in Newport, NC. The music starts at 6:30 pm. This band blends the talents of Barbee on guitar and vocals, Jim Durham on sax and vocals, Matt Henderson on bass and Xavier Roberson on drums. They offer original music mostly, with a wind-inspired surf sound with hints of jazz and blues. It’s always an awesome musical experience with the Dust Parade. The band will be making their rounds this summer. Next week they will be jamming at The New Village Brewery in Oriental on, July 2, 2022.

You can also mark your calendar today for their appearance at SwanFest on Sunday, August 14, 2022.

The Dust Parade has plenty of merchandise available for fans online and at their shows. Be sure to show your support by buying some music to take on the go, or a T shirt with the band’s logo. Keep in mind that every merch-purch helps advance projects for the band. One said project we are looking forward to advancing is new Dust Parade Music.

The band has been working things out for their next release. With Covid shutting things down and real life taking its toll, time has been the hardest thing to find for the studio work. The next release will be worth the wait though. It truly is going to be a beast. It will highlight this band and all of the friendship and music kinship which Barbee has been cultivating since his full time return to the NC scene in 2016.

Dust Parade Music – “It’s a Good Day” – Hank Barbee, June 11, 2022 at Oceana Pier House Restaurant

Coming up this Saturday, June 25 and next July 2, at Ocenana Pier and Pier House Restaurant will be the fun jams of MadSol Music, featuring talented stringer Tony Soldati and beautiful vocalist, Riley Madison on the deck from 6-9 pm. If you haven’t heard this duo yet, you’re in for a treat. They set out for stages all over the state, from Greenville, NC about 8 months ago. Barbee returns the following week for a solo shot at the pier on Saturday, July 9, 2022.

Greenville, NC-based duo MadSol

SwanFest PreFest with New Bern Artist Clarence Coley Live at Bake, Bottle & Brew

Clarence Coley wraps up his final set at Bake, Bottle & Brew on Sunday, June 19, 2022

Before heading over to SwanFest on Sunday, I stopped by Bake, Bottle & Brew to catch the last set of New Bern stringer, Clarence Coley. I caught this talented singer at open mic several years ago in New Bern, when he dropped by Tap That, but this was the first time I caught his live show.

While out and about I had the pleause of meeting blog follower, facebook friend and fellow music lover Joan Cross. She was sitting with David Stover at Coley’s gig. Joan called me over and introduced herself and welcomed me to their table. I told Stover I was in town the week before to catch his show with Pegasus Plus, but as we both knew, the event was postponed due to the weather. Along with playing bass for Pegasus Plus, he also keeps things in the pocket for Captain Dick & The Lost Seamen. As mentioned above both bands will share the bill next month for SwanFest during the Fourth of July weekend.

As for Coley, this talented player offers a mixed set with a variety of popular genres, including country and rock for all ages. Along with solo performances he plays in a duo Rollin’ Woods with his future wife Kristen McRoy, who he brags about on stage even during his solo shows. The duo has been navigating new territories with a new band mascot, their new baby Aidan who was born in late February. You can scope out Coley and Rollin’ Woods on Facebook to keep in tune with their destiny.

The Importance of Open Mic Nights

Tiff, Fern, Jesse, and Ryan Rubich and more joined the jam at Nick’s Blacksheep

Many music makers that are novice on the scene often hone in their talents and sharpen their stage skills at open mic events. These events often take place during the week and offer a platform for music makers to join forces, share music, create bands and more. As a music lover, I enjoy open mic nights because I get to meet and listen to so many cool acts in a short time. So many of the artists found on this blog site came to my attention thanks to an open mic night. Since open mic nights are good platforms and popular on the scene, I will always share new places to take your talent each week.


The Blue Note in Durham offers a Blues Jam on Tuesday and Open Mic on Wednesday. They support live music throughout the week and serve up some of the best food in Durham, NC. Stop by the next time you are in the mood to dine and move to the beats!


The nice thing about Greenville is you can hit several hot spots in a night to work out your jams. For example you can start out your Monday night with John Williams who opens the stage to jammers at AJ McMurphy’s 8 pm – until everyone jams. Following that fun, you can check in at The Buccaneer Music Hall which opens the stage at 10 pm until 1 am. All jammers are welcome to join the list and share their talents. On Wednesday’s in town you can check out Molly’s Community Cafe where tunes start at 7 pm. Just on the outskirts of town, over in Winterville, you can catch Mark Oliver hosting open mic at Nauti Dog Brewing Company. This is an every other Wednesday event. All are welcome to jam. Sign up and play from 7-10 pm.


Backwater Jack’s offers an open mic night on their pebble beach stage each Thursday that the weather permits. Hosted by local talent, Brian Burke, all are welcome to join in the fun. Music plays from 7-10 pm and all are encouraged to play. Above is a local jammer that joined the fun last summer. The restaurant and tiki bar is a big supporter of live music each weekend and serves up some great food too!

Along the Coast

Tiffany Elaine, The Crystal Coast’s mama bear and open mc hostess with the mostest!

For those living near the Crystal Coast, you can join in the fun that Tiffany Elaine cultivates at Cru Bar & Wine Store / The Beaufort Coffee Shop every Monday night. The mic opens at 7 pm and the fun happens until 10 pm. I have to to this open mic night several times over the years and always have a blast.

Tiffany is an angel on our music scene, doing a lot to help music makers strive and thrive in music. She takes her role as host seriously and makes a connection with everyone who joins her events. She introduces each person and makes everyone feel welcome and an important part of the equation.

This mother of three not only hosts open mic nights, but also makes music with her sweetheart, singer and guitarist Fernando Rivera with their duo Fern and Tiff, as well as plays music with her friend Steve Mehan in Southbound Train. Catch them this Saturday poolside at The Inn at Pine Knoll Shores. They will perform 1-4 pm.

Presenting The New NCMZ.Live Music Calendar Page

Are You Looking For An Open Mic to Test The Waters? Or Do You Want to Know Where to Find Live Music Tonight?

New NCMZ.LIVE Music Calendar

Today marks a new day in the blog world now that I have created and implemented a new calendar page that I can add new events to as I learn about them.

NCMZ.Live Music Calendar

This gives readers and fans a reason to stop by the site more which is not only good for the acts we promote but the businesses too.

Advertise your live music events on this site! Reach an audience looking for live music!

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More Good News From The Governor plus We Support Local Live Music from the Coast to the Mountains

Let’s drink to the lift on limited alcohol sales and allowing bars and clubs and restaurant to serve until 2 am again! Cheers to that!

Governor Cooper rolled back more restrictions and opens NC more starting at 5 pm Friday, March 26, 2021. This means bars and clubs can serve until 2 am. Capacity for those establishments indoors is now 50% while outdoors returns to 100%. Restaurants can seat 75% capacity indoors and 100% outdoors. having said that, more music returns to stages and venues around the region.

When We Say We Need Your Support, We Mean Take Out Your Wallet

Free Music Is Not Free

“Get ready for this rant…people always screaming SUPPORT LOCAL!! Well let me first start off letting folks know, The Market Street Pub is a local business. I’ve been made aware of snap bashing us for charging a $7 cover. This is what I have to say about that: Our business has been closed for nearly a full year and for those of you that don’t understand, that doesn’t mean the bills stopped coming in. In fact, after we calculated it, I have spent well over $18000 keeping this business alive with nothing coming in and no assistance at all while other businesses in Washington operated as usual. Live entertainment is not free. We don’t keep one dang dollar from your cover charge that goes straight to whoever is playing. We don’t have food sales to fall back on, we basically have 4 hours of business to make enough money to pay our employees and pay the bills and again the door charge pays the bands. If it’s too much to ask for your support and not to bash a business trying their hardest not to fold, by all means go somewhere else but don’t let me hear you trash-talking us one minute and Support Local coming out of your mouth the next. We have done our very best trying to make the Market Street Pub a nice place for ALL to come and be able to enjoy themselves. For those of you that do support us, we appreciate your business and we will continue to treat every one of you like family. To the haters; until you know what it takes financially to run a business and how hurtful your word is, keep your mouth shut and keep to stepping. We are doing nothing wrong but trying to keep a business we put our blood sweat and tears into building it. Have a nice day. Rant OVER!!!” ~Connie Bland Langley, owner of The Market Street Pub

This story is repeated around the region, state and globe. If you had a favorite watering hole, your local dive bar that simply served drinks, good cheer and music; they have been closed down, shut up, and have sat in silence for 50 long weeks here in North Carolina. For the venues that survived the two weeks to slow the spread and 48 weeks to kill a business, the struggle is not behind these business owners. In fact, many of them went into debt to make it through to the day they were allowed to open. I know some that became so conditioned by the closure, they did not expect to open when the Governor announced the lifting of several restrictions. Several were caught off guard, but pulled through thanks to the grace of others that were allowed to be open during this crazy crisis.

The pandemic has hit us all in some kind of way. We have all suffered loss, loneliness to some degree, and we are all walking out of this world crisis with new, fucked up, normals. Nothing is the same for anyone. I think we are all still trying to wrap our heads around the whole year of reconditioning our spirits. In hindsight 2020 was…We all have a story to tell, don’t we?

We were asked not to hug each other. Did you know it takes three hugs a day to know you’re alive, six to survive and a dozen to thrive? Hugs are good therapy for people.

We were asked not to worship, and give praise to the Lord. We were told not to play music or gather. All of those experiences nurture the soul. Even when you don’t like people, it’s important to surround yourself with them. None of us are made to make it through the world alone. We are all creatively designed to need each other.

If we could take out the irrational feelings and hormones and mood-altering drugs that swirl around our relationships it would be a lot easier, but I am convinced that life is not meant to be easy. After a year of this seclusion, we are all emerging from this era, that changed our lives. This has left many of us unhinged and detached in many ways. People were already damaged before the pandemic. We all had a lot on our plates, anyway it seemed, before the virus arrived. We learned quickly that when someone comes and wipes our plate off without any planning, it takes some major adjustments.

Some of our friends and family lost businesses they spent years building. It was their mission and livelihood; they were a part of our community. Their despair is a depression in our city or town. Within our communities, our neighbors have lost family and friends. Personally, I know more that have been taken out by the depression of this pandemic, than the virus itself. I also know of more people that died of other illnesses, some because they missed important treatments due to this pandemic. I see all of that as a problem that the virus left us with, that no vaccine will cure. The depth of depression and the rise of addictions is off the charts. Children who used to be able to go to school to obtain normalcy were stuck in their hell life and have been left behind. The elderly that were so dear to us were suddenly locked away and left in an incubator, for a virus we were all masking to cure. How ridiculous! Personally, I am bracing for more germ warfare.

What’s really sad, I feel like it was our own people in power today who were behind this world virus. Do your own research and stop trusting our media, and that is where I will leave that.

I find there is nothing I can do about world politics. Just like I can’t change the asshole people that exist in life, I can’t change the world either, so I pray.

I pray that we can all come together to give praise and worship. I hope we can soon find comfort in feeling hugs and seeing smiles. I also want to return to singing and dancing all around the state. Once we allow more music back into our souls, the more freedoms we will be enjoying. The best cure we have is music. Music has the ability to lift you from the trenches of hell and offer you the way and the light, as you see through the muck of your emotions. So by all means please support it and those that offer a platform for it.

Music makers and bands are also small businesses without storefronts, but most of them have families to support and bills to pay. Please go out of your way to tip these bands and entertainers working hard for your happiness. They have all missed their gig income and are happy to be back.

Attention Bands Start Working the Room ~ Maximizing Tips For Bands

Tips appreciated!

We all know that music makers and bands appreciate tips, well let me give you all a great tip for capitalizing on tip money. Many people have opted to buy into the cashless system, meaning they do not have tip money to throw in your case or bucket. To earn tips from those who are cashless I offer two options. Option one, get a square to attach to your phone and leave it in reach for happy tippers to work their magic, or option two, set up a Venmo account and put the info plainly on the tip bucket. This will help maximize your profits from those in attendance and online since most will generally tip $10 or more per transaction.

Picking Up From Where We Left Off

It’s The Tan and Sober Gentlemen For Festive Irish Fun

They are a band with a long name and long line up that can be summed up in one small word. The Tan and Sober Gentlemen are FUN!

The Tan and Sober Gentlemen are North Carolina’s answer to the music that frolics through foothills of Ireland 🇮🇪. So when St. Patrick’s Day celebrations come along, they just seem better when they are at the helm of entertaining the masses. This mountain music band is a big production of banjos and bass, mandolins and fiddles, plus guitar gumption and back beats unmatched in our area.

I have now caught several shows and each one is better than the last. The first couple of times, I caught them at area festivals. First in New Bern then in Beaufort, NC.

I actually was introduced to this band when festival promoters Grant Golden, Bailey Evans, and Terry McElhennon the founders of the former GEM Productions. This group organized Bernaroo Arts and Music Festival for years and in 2017 they brought The Tan and Sober Gentlemen to town. They offered a fiery set of Celtic chaos, as toes tapped and the band bounced in the beer garden of the Issac Taylor House. I felt like I died and went to bluegrass heaven. But this isn’t your grandfathers bluegrass, this is explosive modern day mountain music that lets you know you’re alive!

2017 Bernaroo Arts and Music Festival – Tan and Sober Gentlemen get things jumping in the Issac Taylor Beer Garden.

You’ll note, if you click the festival link, they were even more fired up when they took the stage at The Beaufort Music Festival in May 2019.

In-between the two times that I first saw the band released Veracity, a 9 song collection of their traditional and original collaborations. Though it offers a good example of the band’s stylings, nothing compares to seeing this band live. So if you ever get the chance be sure to check them out. They have an event calendar on their website: Tan and Sober Events.

I learned a couple of weeks ago, that perhaps the best time to see this group might certainly be around St. Patrick’s Day. With their celebratory regressive folk and Celtic punk grass offerings, they are just something to see. Their show at The Angry Ginger did not disappoint. The band brought their fueled-up folk music and rocked the Garden for fans and friends alike. It was nice to see a complete turnaround from last year’s sad turn of events.

Making Music The Rounds In New Bern NC

Joe Baes Project Shamrocks the BrU Joint

The Joe Baes Project rocked us into the weekend last Friday night, when the trio rolled into into BrÜtopia. As usual the band was well supported by the locals that love them. I have been watching Baes and his many music projects since the early days of this blog. I met him one afternoon in 2016, when he was jamming on the deck at the Double Tree.

NCMZ.LIVE File Photo Joe Baes Project at The DoubleTree, circa July 10, 2016

Over the years that I have been watching the band, there was one major change, which was the move of band-mate and co-founder Mike Galloway in 2018. The bass player relocated to Colorado.

Following their show, I reached out to the namesake of the project to see what is new with Joe Baes. Catching up is a bit overdue, as it was a few months ago the Baes retired from working on the base. The retired Marine retired from his civilian job several weeks ago.

I asked Joe what was new and how retirement was treating him, he said, “I am kind of getting used to retirement, but we have been pretty busy with trips and gigs since I retired, so I haven’t had a lot of down time yet. It is nice waking up most mornings and just enjoying coffee with my wife though.”

As for keeping busy, Joe said, “I have been busy with my music and learning new songs. I have an album worth of music ready, but COVID put our recording on hold. We plan to start recording very soon with a friend of mine in Greenville.”

I wondered how he navigated the virus and dealt with the pandemic to which he replied, “The pandemic gave me more time at home, my job allowed me to telework and that freed up 10 hours of travel time a week. I was able to concentrate on practicing the guitar, taking online guitar courses, and working on my acoustic show with a looper. We have new material and have performed some of those songs live, but have not recorded any yet.” He also mentioned, “There are a couple of live recordings of our song “I Want to Be” out there (you have recorded it a couple of times) and we have performed a couple of others that will be on the new CD (no release date yet). I like to get a feel of the live sound and response from people before we record it.”

As for the road ahead, Joe Baes and the band, Jonathan Toler (drums and vocals) and Dan Taylor (bass) are just about booked for the year. All of the band dates and my solo or duo gigs are on the website (

Beyond that Baes tells me, “I will be performing a number of dates at Bake Bottle and Brew in Swansboro with Brian Tessier on percussion. There are also a couple of shows with Tanner Jones on bass guitar and Brian Tessier on drums.”

I asked how far out the band is willing to travel and Baes said, “We usually perform close to home, so about 50 miles is our limit. Unless the Carolina Hurricanes ask us to play at one of their outdoor events, then we will drive to Raliegh!”

I also inquired as to how people can book the band for their event, Baes told me, “People interested in having us perform at their establishment, party or community event can find me on Facebook “The Joe Baes Project”, or through my website My email is”

As for the immediate future here are some dates to mark on the calendar, “April 17th at 34 Degrees North in Cape Carteret, this will be our first time at this venue and it will be great! April 30th at BrUtopia in James City. This venue has hosted Joe Baes Project since it first opened. We have been their Halloween band every year! May 28th we will rock the stage at Tap That Craft Beer & Wine Bar in New Bern. Don’t forget to check the calendar for all upcoming shows.”

Cooper Greer Brings His New Band to New Bern

Last weekend was the first time I got to meet and hear Copper Greer. He rolled into town with his band to kick off the weekend into gear, by rocking the deck at Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant on Front St, New Bern, NC last Friday, March 19.

This young slinger is quite talented and fun to watch. I know he recently released new music, so I reached out to the singer-songwriter to learn more about him and find out what’s ahead. I first asked if he was born and raised in NC and he told me, “I was born in the Ozarks in Missouri, moved here as a kid.” As for how he came to know and embrace music, Greer said, “My great-grandma and my dad and uncle all played guitar, so I’ve been around music my whole life.” I asked him if he turned to country music for a career choice or if it was the genre he loved most. He said, “When I first learned to play guitar I was really into rock music, but I’ve always loved country music and it fits my voice better. I still try to add some rock elements into my music/shows though.” I can back that up having been witness to his live performance. He definitely has a rocking edge.

With regard to the show I caught, that night featured Shawn Mitchell on bass and it came to my attention that it was his first gig with these guys. When I mentioned that in my chat, he responded, ” It was Shawn’s debut with us which he did great. The other guys are from the Greenville area, the guitar player Greg Franklin has been with me from day one.” Also holding down the back-beat was drummer, Milton Long.

As for the near future and road ahead, Greer tells us, “I am currently recording my debut EP, as well as another single and another music video. The future is a wild place, so I try not to make to many assumptions about where it leads but ultimately I plan to push this thing as far as I possibly can.” That’s probably a good plan, he is young and has plenty of time for life to be serious.

I noted at the show this crooner has the ladies lined up and loving him. I would bet that in the right setting he’d have them lined up from the ages of 16 to 60 drooling and dancing. He giggled at the thought and confessed, “Lol, it’s definitely a good feeling sometimes. It’s tough on relationships but that’s just part of the job.”

With regard to contacting this talented act to get him on your stage or calendar of events, he tells me, “Venues can contact me on FB, Instagram, Email or through a link on my website. Cooper Greer. When you check out his website be sure to click on the new music. Greer stays busy from his hometown to the coast, sharing songs and crooning crowds, so keep a look out here for his show dates.

Speaking of Show Dates, Let’s See What Our Girl in the Know, Susan Baugham Found for Us:

At A Glance Music

by Susan Bugham

At a glance music for this week, times might be different due to curfew being lifted, disclaimer below.

Feel free to message me with any updates.

Fri 3/26
Afreyed Knot 8:30-11:30 at Market Street Pub, Washington

Cooper Greer with Johno Clayton and Adrian Watts 8-11 at AJ McMurphy’s, Greenville

The Delinquents 8-11pm at The Doghouse Tavern, Ayden

Spare Change 8-11:30 Jacks Waterfront Bar, Morehead City

Acoustic Showcase 7:30 Tan Sanders, JT Ackerman at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Voices Carry featuring Nannette and CC 7-10 with special guest opener Keane Warren offering a set of Beatles music at 5 pm at Parleys Sip and Steam, Washington

The Chuck Phillips Band 7:30-10:30 pm at Ribeyes, Washington Waterfront

The Amazing Lounge Lizards 6-9 at Blackbeards, New Bern

Sometimes Lions at The Loft, Uptown Greenville

Sat 3/27
Cierra Linton 12-4 pm at Boneyard Harley Davidson, Winterville

Day Rager (Nu Clear Twins, Eric Sommer, Tavo Carbone) 4-7pm outdoors Christy’s Europub, Greenville

Gary Braddy 8-11 at AJ McMurphys, Greenville

Adrian & Co 7:30-10:30pm at Market Street Pub

Eli Craig Band 7-10pm at Backwoods Tavern

JP Guhns Band 8-11pm at The Doghouse Tavern, Ayden

Chuck Phillips Solo 6pm at Washington Yacht and Country Club

Tom Baker Band 7:30-10:30pm Ribeyes, Washington

Cooper Greer 8-11:30 at Jacks Waterfront Bar, Morehead City

Sixteen Penny 8-11 at The Office, Kinston

Sometimes Lions 7-10 at Blackened Kraken, Uptown Greenville

Will Stovall 1-4 pm at The PLACE, Washington

Sun 3/28

Adam Hill 11 am – 3 pm at The Flying Shamrock, Goldsboro

Jimmy Deve 1-4 pm at The Office, Kinston

Tues 3/30
Phil McLean 7-10 at AJ McMurphy’s, Greenville

Every Mon
Rhythm&Grooves open mic AJ McMurphy’s, Greenville

Every Wed
Open Mic at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Every other Wed
Open mic 7-10 at Nauti Dog Brewing Co., Winterville

3rd Wed of month
Open mic 6 pm at Parleys Sip and Steam, Washington

Disclaimer: While I don’t know or support all of these musicians I do recommend these venues.

Live Music Options

Cruisin’ County by County

In the hopes of always keeping things fresh and new, here is a new rundown of live music for the days ahead, county by county.

Beaufort County

Friday, March 26, 2021

Voices Carry, featuring Nannette Garrett and CC, will provide live music for those that come to enjoy the tastes and delights of Parley’s Sip and Steam with tunes being shared 7-10 pm. Opening the show will be young Keane Warren. This 14 year old player covers the Beatles better than most. You can catch him offering the “Early Bird” special 5-6 pm.