New Faces and New Places are the Themes This Week ~ Let’s Groove

Circling Back is A Thing Now

So On That Note…

Marron Chaplin Returns to New Bern to Rock Faces

Rocker Marron Chaplin returned to New Bern for a quick visit to rock her hometown when she took the stage at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

The first time I met this darling chick, it was after former manager of Tap That, John Morgan, called me in 2018 to tell me about his rocking friend. She was home for more than a visit back then and coming out to open mic at Mesh Lounge. New Bern would be one of three cities that Chaplin calls home. She is the true example of all that wander are not lost.

When I met Chaplin, she was adjusting to the amazing duty of motherhood, living at home with her parents, who have been her support system through the journey of single parenting. This is a story I can easily relate to as this is what originally brought me to New Bern. My 22 year old son was just 6. We moved here after my parents included us in their retirement plan.

Soon after Evelyn Rose became a toddler the music maker moved to Nashville to focus on her career. It was during her first 24 months of life that we were blessed to have her mom playing around town.

While she was here, we even got to do a little work together, when I called on her in late 2018, and asked if she’d consider offering an informative and engaging show on Carly Simon’s career. She agreed and in November 2018 offered the performance for Bank of the Arts, At The Gallery Series.

The interesting thing about all of this is that it came together on the fly and she did not hesitate at the opportunity. Her reply after considering it, “ I can’t say I’m a fan but my mom loves her music so, I’m in. I’ll do the show.”

It was a beautiful night of music offered by a beautiful and talented soul, off the cuff and on the fly and completely unforgettable for us both. The reason it left a mark on me is because of the high note of her professional commitment to music.

She probably remembers how nerve racking and uncomfortable it was. But I remember how she stepped up and learned all of the songs she performed in less than three weeks. She truly saved the show. And I was proud of her for doing it with grace. It would be the first time I heard her play the piano and hear her throwback to 70s music. She is a 90s rocker girl that lucky for me loves The Rolling Stones too!

I showed up when the band was on break from their first set. This gig was special too, as this would mark the first time I heard Chaplin with a band behind her. She came back to town with drummer, Mike Little and bass player Dan Stoeckel. I have waited years for this moment and it did not disappoint.

Following the gig I reached out to the rocker and asked her a few questions.

How did the band meet/How long have we played together?

“I don’t know if you remember Kevin, the “manager” who convinced me to move to Nashville, he went on a website called BandMix and found Mike Little, the drummer. This was back in the summer of ’18. Mike and I clicked immediately as musicians and friends. I commuted from New Bern to Nashville for a whole year just to keep working with him before finally making the move out here. He and I have made steady but SLOW progress between finding a bassist, me being a single parent, Covid, him recently becoming a father, etc., but we’ve stuck together. He knew Dan Stoeckel, bass player, through the local scene and Dan had come to learn about 30 songs on very short notice for this gig. I think he nailed it.”

Tell me about surviving Covid. Marron said, “No idea. The work situation has been dire, I’ve been living off savings and odd jobs (bartending here and there, cleaning some houses, babysitting, and most recently I’ve been working every weekend as an exhibitor at the Tennessee Gun Show). With live music being shut down it has been a good time to practice, Mike and I spent so much time in rehearsal workshopping our songs. It’s also been a great time to just spend quality time with Evelyn, take her to the playground, work on reading and numbers, etc. I think this time has been great for her to learn and be creative with her parents instead of strangers at daycare. She comes with me to the gun shows, she’s the unofficial mascot of the whole firearm family traveling circus 😂”

How’s Evelyn? “She is just amazing. She is such a happy, full-of-life child. Every parent probably thinks this, but I think her intelligence is very advanced. She’s turning into her own little person, very observant, has her own opinions. She is also very sweet and snuggly, and absolutely hilarious with her own little sense of humor. She is very into music, and starting to sing in key! You should see her rock out to Bon Jovi’s “Born to Be My Baby.” She’s going to have an interesting life, I’m sure.”

I asked her about coming home to New Bern, and if this was really home for her, to which she replied, “New Bern is definitely home! I have 3 “homes” if you will, New Bern, New York City, and Nashville. New Bern is a very special place for me, for one my parents live there, but also when I first moved home to New Bern, I was in a pretty broken place. I had just left my whole big wild crazy life in New York to come home as a single parent of a newborn, living back with my own parents, no idea what the future would hold, it was a tough time. I hardly knew a soul in town besides my family. The city of New Bern took me in and helped break the fall. The way people showed that they cared, were supportive of my music when I was having a hard time believing in myself, the real true friends I made who didn’t just forget about me after I moved… I love New Bern and will always be back every single chance I get.”

What’s ahead for the band? “Now that we got our first show out of the way, the first order of business is to fix my Marshall amp that died in the middle of the set 😂.” She continues, “Now that we have our bassist, it’s time to just book more shows and keep going. We all have contacts all over the country to get in at venues. The toughest thing for us right now is, people don’t realize how much money it can take to put on a show or a small tour. Recording a decent song starts around a thousand bucks. Then there are travel expenses, gear repairs, and maintenance, rehearsal studio costs, it’s really time and money that are making it hard for us. But, we’re making it work. Over the next few months we are gearing up to play live as much as possible, then when the time is right, when we have merch designed, etc. we’ll release our new music and just see what happens.”

As for the ride home, the rocker tells me “Yep we did make it back safe, lord what a trip it was but a great rock’n’roll time was had by all. I’ve written too much already so the only other thing I’d want to share is how thankful I am to my friends in New Bern for coming out to the show, always being so supportive, and encouraging me to keep going. There’s really no way to express that enough. And that majorly goes out to you for all you’ve done for me and the creative community in general! Thanks so, so much Tracey it was great to see you and I’m so glad you made it out!”

Girlfriend, it is my pleasure to spread the love to help people connect to music. Thanks for coming home to rock us! Looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Friday Eve Fun in Fairfield Harbour

Resident performer, Brian Mac offered up the supper sounds lay Thursday evening at Harbour Pointe Bar and Grille. McDowell performs once a month at his local bar and grille. This is always a great gig to catch for those that like to interact and be a part of the show.

McDowell’s fiancé. Beth Eddins brings a prop box filled with festive mardi gras masks, leis, and hats for willing participants to enjoy as they dance the conga line throughout the restaurant.

It’s been a great time with good friends, tasty food, and fun music every Thursday night. Next week we welcome Sam Lewis for the dinner music entertainer.

Harbour Point Bar and Grille is open to the public and welcomes all from around town and beyond. When you get to the gate, tell them you are here to eat at Harbour Pointe and they will open it for you to enter.

Festive Friday with Frolicking Friends

Thanks to my accomplice Susan Baugham, I found myself in good company for the night with my tribe of music people. As we bounced a bit around their town, I noted how much I really like the music vibe in Greenville. It’s always a worthy trip to report on the goings-on when covering the region.

Gary Braddy Live at Backwoods Tavern, Greenville.

What a sweet treat it was to meet and hear Gary Braddy live. THIS MAN CAN SING. When I walked into The Backwoods Tavern, last Friday evening, Braddy was on a break which gave me a chance to meet the singer before he wowed me! Big on country flavor, the talented player also crushes classic rock selections and offers some original music too.

Upon taking his seat on stage, he took me back to my favorite country music era by offering a popular Randy Travis song. Braddy’s voice is smoother than butter and easy listening for anyone within earshot! Soothing and savory, he just hugs you with his vocal cords.

Following his show, I sent him a few questions and he sent me a link to his website where I learned the singer-songwriter was born and raised in Tillery, NC, and calls Washington, NC home.

The seasoned player is inspired most by Merle Haggard but it was actually Randy Travis and Alan Jackson that made him pay attention to country music.

He is a family man that is happy to keep his focus on the five people at the center of his universe. His wife and three kids are a priority at this point, Braddy, as an entertainer, has done many great things and has accomplished much on his music journey. He has toured the states, worked with national acts, played with bands and known some great times along the way.

Whiskey on My Breath, Brandy on My Mind by Gary Braddy

Before heading out to the next show, I asked Braddy if he’d play me an original song. He told me that when he was growing up, his father worked in an ABC Store, so when he was composing this song a couple decades ago, he called on his father to help with the name. For those interested in learning more about this artist, you can find him on Facebook or better still check out his website

If you are interested in seeing him live he has a show tonight at 34 North in Cedar Point. He will share songs there from 7-10 pm.

I was pleased to meet the owners of Backwoods Tavern, LLC; while I was out. Joseph Torrence and Lori Aldridge. told me that they made many changes when they stepped in and took over about four years ago. Besides the live music, pool tables, a spacious dance floor, and friendly service; they also have hot and salty popcorn, full bar and lots of cold beer. When the duo took over they opened things up and have made it their own. The pair survived Covid-19 and are happy to be on the other side of the pandemic with their doors open, ready to serve the public again.

JP Guhns Band Debuts at AJ McMurphy’s

This country quartet is high energy and a lot of fun. Based out of Jacksonville, JP Guhns Band is making a good impression on the regional music scene, all while seeking new opportunities to help the band branch out. Besides seeking new venues further west and south, this band is ready to bring their originals to the forefront, making them a candidate for community concert sets, or a good option for festival organizers to consider this season.

I have known most of these seasoned players for several years, I recently met drummer Justin Sokoloski through Adam Hill, back in October 2020. It wasn’t until I saw the band at Jack’s in Morehead City in January that I would meet and watch guitarist, Tyler Ausherman for the first time. I met the band found, frontman, guitar player and singer, Jake Bublitz at Nick’s Black Sheep Tavern in 2017 when he sat with other Marines and shared original songs in the round. Of all the players in the band, I have known bassman Billy Mobley the longest. Thought I met him through Adam Hill, he played around town years ago with the former New Bern-based band, Limited Engagement. All of them are seasoned music makers and multi-talented in their stage roles. If you haven’t caught them yet, make it a point to see them soon.

A Traveling Jones Takes Us On the Road For Saturday Sounds

Something Sweet for Lunch In Wilmington

Since many towns, bars and businesses were on tap for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all weekend, it seemed to be a great weekend to hit the road to check out the fun music all around the region. Having said that, I headed to Wilmington to enjoy lunch at Bourbon St. Wilmington, and catch the last set of Somethin’ Sweet. I first saw this awesome duo at open mic night at AJ McMurphy’s. When I was putting together the music options last week and saw they were in Wilmington for an early show, it made sense to head there first and use the day to work my way back home.

It was actually one of the last bars I visited last year before the lockdown. I caught Adam Hill Band there last year for the final festive weekend of the year. While I was there on Saturday, I enjoyed the Bang Bang Shrimp and ginger ale while checking out the show. This duo is a modern music couple that offers classic covers from the 60s through modern-day offerings. They are seriously talented individuals. When they combine talents, they set the stage ablaze. You can find them on Facebook. Like their page, “Somethin’ Sweet” To sum them up in a few words, their bio page says, “Experience your favorite tunes with a spin of originality and loads of energy.” For venues looking for a talented two-piece, consider this duet. You can call
(828) 502-0294 to learn more about the availability.

Jarrett Raymond and An Afternoon Brew

Singer-songwriter Jarrett Raymond was on tap on the outside stage at Wrightsville Beach Brewery offering a late Saturday afternoon show to those that gathered in the beer garden. This solo act is a full one-man band that comes ready to entertain. He offers popular hits that the crowd knows and he writes his own music. While he was getting ready for his second set I spoke with the Wilmington-based artist.

Following his show, I reached out to JR to learn more about the talented singer. I asked him to tell me more about himself and his intro to music. JR replied, ” I started playing when I was 18 years old, I was born in NY, moved to Charlotte, and then to Wilmington at the age of 21.” He has called the coastal city home for nearly six years.

I asked him to talk about the pandemic, JR said, “Being a full-time musician by the time of the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020, the first two months struck directly at me, with every local business shut down, I lost all work and stayed out of performing for 8 weeks. A positive result was, I managed to try my luck at working a side gig online, voice acting, and found that to be a great source to help me gain income to buy the little necessities. I was able to grab amazing voice acting opportunities, such as voicing an episode of “True Crime” And also starring in a few video games and commercials still in production. Around June, I managed to grab a few gigs from a few friends I’ve made in food establishments, and slowly and steadily I managed to build back clients and continue full-time performing.

People can learn more about this talented stringer by visiting his website. That is also where people should go to inquire about booking this act. is also where people can keep up without being tied to social media feeds.

You can also search for him on social media. Jarrett Raymond is his Instagram account and Jarrett Raymond on Facebook

When I asked him about advice he might give to his younger self, he replied, “My younger self should probably know that I should not be too worried about what my music sounds like to myself. You can’t be perfect, because art is never perfect, it is simply just left.” That sure is good advice for adults on the scene too.

When I asked if he has any songs to share, Jarrett Raymond sent along the following link and said: “Here is my original “Unwritten” inspired by the pandemic

UNWRITTEN //Jarrett Raymond// (Live Session)

For those looking to take in a show this weekend, this long, lean baritone, tall on talent, he will offer dinner music from 7-10 pm tonight atThe Cross-Eyed Crab Bar & Grill.

For A Sweet Solo Shot, We Meet Hayden Laeknir Live at UnWINEd

You know you’re surrounded by sweet sensations when someone’s handle and hashtag in life is #DROPDEADKINDNESS. Believe it or not, this sweet singer was rocking the Stones, “Paint It, Black,” when I walked up to catch part of her last set, last Saturday night at UnWINEd. She offered classic rock and fun folk grooves. I also asked her to play her own music, which she obliged. Following her show, I reached out to her on Facebook to learn more about the young artist.

I heard her mention being from the midwest, So I started there and asked her to tell me more about her life with music. “I grew up in Missouri, fully surrounded by music. My mom plays the piano and my father led music at various churches, played in bands, performed in soup kitchens and prisons all my life. Looking back, it felt as though every morning I woke up to the sound of him singing and playing John Denver tunes. (He also looks and sounds a great deal like John Denver and has done tribute shows in the past). I was comfortable singing from a young age but only began to fiddle around with the guitar on and off as an adult.” I was surprised when Laeknir said, “I didn’t really start playing seriously until a couple of years ago. At one point something clicked and I realized this is one of the most beautiful ways to connect and show love to others, and became very therapeutic during ugly times in my life.”

When I asked her about her style and influences, she replied by saying, “It’s hard to narrow down favorite music styles or influences for my music. I’m a people pleaser and I tend to search for the songs that might bring a little glow to someone’s face as they recognize one of their favorite tunes, or bring back a warm memory.” She really struck a chord when she said, “It’s so incredible to me how much a single song can bring someone out of their shell or change the way they were feeling.”

“Music is a huge part of my life and I listen to several styles depending on the weather, my mood, who I’m with, or what day it is. I love oldies, folk, indie, rock, Celtic, classical, screamo, emo, punk, outlaw country, french folk music, I could talk genres and sub-genres for hours!”

This girl is no slacker, Hayden stays quite busy. She said, “I joined the Navy as a corpsman (medic) and that’s how I ended up here. I switched from active to reserve (full-time to part-time) and am going to school full time as well as working on a farm and playing music. I would have laughed if you told me two years ago that I could make living playing music because I’ve always been so self-conscious about my skills that I didn’t even dream to dream about being able to do this! I’ve been playing at venues in this area for about a year now and I have never been so in love with what I do. You’re telling me I get to make people smile and laugh and feel loved, and I get paid for it?!?!”

This girl radiates positivity, so when I reached out to her, I asked her what advice she can give to help people stay more upbeat, she said, “I have my share of ugly bits in life where I feel so down or alone or afraid that I know I don’t want another human to feel that way. I think that’s why I try so hard to be loving to friends and strangers. It is so easy. An act of kindness without expecting anything in return can change someone’s entire life. And you know what? The happiest I have ever been being during those times when I can help someone or improve even just a tiny bit of their day. I know that probably sounds like a humblebrag, but I imagine it’s selfish in its own right; helping and loving others becomes an addiction that makes me feel good too, and it makes me constantly think of ways to do just that. My whole “brand”, I guess you’d call it, is dropdeadkindness. Because it has always struck me as tragic that being called “drop-dead gorgeous” is one of the highest praises someone can receive about themselves, and it’s such a temporary, superficial aspect. How rad would it be that the compliment would be “drop dead kindness”, based on the person you are rather than the way you look?!”

As for what’s coming up on the calendar, Laeknir says, “I have a show on Friday at UnWINEd from 5-8 and Saturday at Rick’s Sports Bar and Grill in Sneads Ferry from 7-10 pm.”

When I asked how people can learn more about her, she said, “I have a website which has all my upcoming show dates and times, as well as I post videos of my original songs and covers on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube with the same username @dropdeadkindness.”

As for her own music, she said, “I have one song out, Grand Junction, and it is on all streaming platforms!

Before closing out, Hayden said, “It was awesome to meet you and so encouraging to see you smiling and dancing to the music.”

Thank you for making me smile and dance. It was great meeting you.

The Tan & Sober Gentlemen Make St. Paddy’s Day A Celebration In The Garden

One of the best bands to catch around Saint Patrick’s Day is definitely The Tan and Sober Gentlemen. I was excited to catch these guys last Saturday night when they played in the Garden at The Angry Ginger in Jacksonville, NC. Not only are they a fun band, but this is a great place. Definitely, a fun place to go for St. Paddy’s Day fun.

This mountain music band hails from the backcountry of North Carolina and has a flair for Irish music and sets the room on fire with energy that is unstoppable. I will be back next week to introduce you to the band and tell you what they have been doing during the pandemic. I purchased their CD while attending this show and will talk more about the nine selections on that release, as well.

For those that crave Celtic-style music with a twist of hillbilly mountain music added for good flavor, you will love this band. For those that find themselves near Charleston SC this week, you can find the band turning the world on their ear at Commonhouse Aleworks. They turn up the heat tomorrow at 6 pm.

At A Glance Local Music

by Susan Bugham

Fri 3/19

Afreyed Knot Band 8-11 pm at AJ McMurphy’s, Greenville

Mikele Buck 8-11 pm at Buccaneer Music Hall Greenville

Dave Raducha 6-9 pm at Parleys Sip and Steam, Washington

Cierra Linton 7-10 pm at Ribeyes, Washington Waterfront

Acoustic Showcase Brian Burke, John Williams, and Island Bob 7 pm at Molly’s Community Cafe, Uptown Greenville

Cooper Greer 7-10 pm at Blackbeard’s, New Bern

Sat 3/20

Adrian and Co. Brunch noon-3pm at The PLACE, Washington Waterfront, then Boyd and Morgan later that night 7-10 pm

Trainwreck 6 pm at New Bern Yacht Club

John G. 8-11 pm at AJ Mc Murphy’s, Greenville

94 East Showcase 7 pm at Molly’s Community Café, Uptown Greenville

The BiPolar Express at Blackbeard’s 7:30-11 PM, New Bern

Cooper Greer 8-11 pm at Blackened Kraken, Uptown Greenville

Bad Addiction Band 8-11 at The Doghouse Tavern, Ayden

Cierra Linton 7:30-10:30 pm at Market St Pub, Washington

The Monterio Experience 7-10 pm at Ribeyes, Washington Waterfront

Adam Hill Band 8-11 pm at The Office, Kinston

Jamie Pridgen 8-11 pm at Buccaneer Music Hall

Tues 3/23

Corey Stuart 7-10 at AJ Mc Murphy’s, Greenville

Live Music Options

Cruisin’ County by County

In the hopes of always keeping things fresh and new, here is a new run down of live music for the days ahead, county by county.

Beaufort County

Friday, March 19, 2021

David Raducha will provide live music for those that come to enjoy the tastes and delights of Parley’s Sip and Steam with tunes being shared 6-9 pm.


Patrick Reid hosts Open Mic Night at Captain Cooks. All are welcome to come to jam tomorrow evening. Live music is offered 7-10 pm.


Cierra Linton brings the music to the Angus Room at Ribeye’s of Washington. Music is served 7-10 pm.


The Market Street Pub welcomes the grooves of JJ Johnston tonight. This player is traveling from SC to bring you his rhythm, blues and soul music. Stop in and enjoy a cold beer and good music from 7:30-10:30 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Adrian & Co will ushering the first day of spring with a lunchtime performance at The P.LA.C.E.. Music is on the menu from 12-3 pm. Come back for the dinner grooves of Boyd and Morgan 7-10 pm. Music is served on the patio.


The Monterio Experience will be on hand in the Angus Room to provide Saturday evening entertainment at Ribeye’s of Washington. Music is on the menu from 7-10 pm.


Frankie Harrison ‘n Friends bluegrass is a good option for pickers. This will be the featured live music at Captain Cooks this Saturday night! Everyone is invited to come early for a good dinner and stay late for the music Music is offered 6-10 pm.


Cierra Linton will provide the music this Saturday, from the stage at Market Street Pub in downtown Washington, NC. Music plays 7:30-10 pm. Make sure you have your dancing shoes on!


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Come enjoy live music and lunch this Sunday with music, 12-3 PM at Parley’s Sip & Steam.

Brunswick County

Friday, March 19, 2021

Chris Pearson will perform tomorrow evening at The Joyce. At press time the event said that the music plays from 6-9 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Scott Riley will perform live this Saturday at The Joyce from 6-9 pm.

Carteret County

Friday, March 19, 2021


Justin Castellano is on the schedule for Friday night fun at Bogue Sound Distillery. Check him out this Friday from 7-10 pm. Outside, enjoy some tasty creations for dinner Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ Food Truck.


Mikah Peeden will perform live at Promise’ Land Market this Friday, with music being offered 8-11 pm.


Pure T Mommicked will serve up the sounds at Boro Bar & Restaurant from 7-10 pm.


Heart Stop will be at Carolina Home & Garden sharing music 6:30-9:30 pm.


The Feltons will be live @ The Growler Emerald Isle offering tunes 7-10 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Mythic Brewing at Cedar Point will host Ryan Rubich, with tunes being shared 7-10 pm.


Captain Dick & His Lost Seamen Live with Jasmine’s Tasty Thai Food Truck
7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

at Bogue Sound Distillery.


Ryan Cain will provide the songs for this Saturday at Promise Land Market, with tunes being shared from 8-11 pm.


The Dust Parade will provide the music at Boro Restaurant 7-10 om

Craven County

Friday, March 19, 2021

Big Jim Kohler Band sings the blues this Friday 7-10 pm at The Brown Pelican.


Joe Baes Project

Local rockers, Joe Baes Project will perform this Friday at BrÜtopia 7-10 pm.


Cooper Greer returns to the deck at Blackbeard’s Triple Play. The Greenville-based country artist will share songs from 7-11 pm.


Bryan Mayer will be on stage tonight at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar. Music plays 7:30-100 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Whiskey FoxTrot Band will perform at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar this Saturday, 7:30-11 pm. This Winston-Salem based is and Americana Rock band that will be in town to share songs that will make you want to get up and dance. Live music 7:30-11 pm.


Gary Dudley and the Maxxtones will be in town to rock the Brown Pelican 7-10 pm.


The BiPolar Express

The BiPolar Express will offer all fun long hair party rock tunes this Saturday night, on the deck at Blackbeard’s Triple Play Restaurant. Music is offered 7-11 pm.


Jazz It Up is the new bar on Broad St. They welcome all to dress to impress and come show some love this Saturday. They will have Sea & Soul Food Truck on-site to serve the tasty treats. Full bar and cozy rooms to enjoy with friends inside.


TrainWreck will be in town for a show at The New Bern Yacht Club. Music plays 6-10 pm


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Big Jim & Friends play out back behind the Brown Pelican each Sunday afternoon. Music is shared in the parking lot, all are welcome to attend. 2-4 PM


It’s an open stage each Sunday evening. Sam Lewis hosts open mic from 7-10 pm at Tap That Craft Beer & Wine Bar.

Johnston County

Taylor Schiess (above). Music will be on tap this Friday at Deep River Brewing Company, 700 W Main St, Ste 102 Clayton, NC. Live music this Saturday by Brothery Lucky (below), will be the featured entertainment. All music is offered from 6-9 pm.

Lenoir County

Adam Hill Band will open the live music offerings at The Office Kinston, this Saturday night. The trio of rockers will take the stage from 8-11 pm to bring the rock and country favorites to light and life. $5.00 cover charge at the door.

Mecklenburg County

Friday, March 19, 2021

7 PM
Live Music by Chase Killough
Piedmont Social House

Join us for Live Music on the Patio
Live music is rain or shine. No cover charge!

New Hanover County

Friday, March 19, 2021

Mike McManus will be sharing songs tonight at the VFW Wilmington NC from 6-9 pm.


The Graes will provide the tunes tonight at Flytrap Brewing. Music will be served from 6-9 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Jason & Company will be sharing sounds this Saturday afternoon 2-5 PM for the early show at Bourbon St. Wilmington. Later that evening you can enjoy the music of Jam Sandwich Band 8-11 pm.


Live Music from Elliott Smith in the garden
Wrightsville Beach Brewery.


Pender County

Friday, March 19, 2021

With a bleeding heart and midwestern charm, Hayden Læknir performs 5-8 pm at UnWINEd.

Venmo: @dropdeadkindness


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Live music for lunch by Donna P will be at UnWINEd in the afternoon from 12:00-3:00pm.

Later that afternoon you can catch Paradise Pints from 5-8 pm on the patio. UnWINEd is a great place to sip coffee or wine, grab a sweet treat or just relax with friends and enjoy music on the deck. They support live music seven days a week, featuring at least eight shows each week.


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Looking Up Duo will perform this Sunday, at Salty Turtle Beer Company, offering tunes from 4-7 PM.

Will Roberts will provide the entertainment on the deck at UnWINEd with tunes being offered 5-8 pm.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Moxie & Flo brings the music to Surf City, 5-8 pm at UnWINEd.


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The RV Road Show brings their show to Surf City on Tuesday. Catch them at UnWINEd. Just check with the place for confirmation on 6-9 pm time. Most shows are 5-8 pm.

Pitt County

Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday nights offer an acoustic showcase of entertainment. Three acoustic artists from Eastern North Carolina playing LIVE at Molly’s Community Café tonight!
Come enjoy good food and music from Brian Burke, John Williams, and Island Bob this evening in Uptown Greenville. Music is shared from 7-10 pm. All ages are welcome.


Afreyed Know will provide the rocking fun entertainment at AJ McMurphy’s, with sounds being served from 8-11 pm. Come ready for a good time.


Jared Gonzalez will open the night for The Mikele Buck Band tonight at Buccaneer Music Hall, sharing songs 8-11 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

AJ McMurphy’s, Greenville, NC

John G will be on the patio at AJ McMurphy’s for your Saturday night fun. Music plays 8-11 pm.


Live music at Buccaneer Music Hall this Saturday will feature country music player Jamie Pridgen. Music starts at 8 PM.

Wake County

Friday, March 19, 2021

Nathan Wayne Band will offer tunes tonight at Sophie’s Bar and Grill . Live music will be served from 8-11 pm.


Scooters Grill and Bar has Kevin Lee on stage to provide the music this Friday from 7-11 pm.


Pork Chops and Ham Hocks is on the music menu tonight at Saints and Scholars Pub. Live tunes will be shared from 7-11 pm


Adam Pitts brings the music menu to Wild Wing Café Raleigh. He will be sharing songs from 8-11 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Adam Decker brings the band to Sophie’s Bar and Grill tomorrow evening. Music is serve 8-11 pm.


Wild Wing Cafe (7900 Brier Creek Parkway, Raleigh, NC) presents Live & Local each Saturday night. This week come enjoy music by Mary Selvidge from 8-11 pm.


Tyson Brothers bring the music this weekend when they rock the stage at Scooter’s Bar and Grill from 6:30-10:30 pm.


Circle City Rockers will be the band rocking Saints and Scholars Pub, with music being offered 7-11 pm.

Wayne County

Friday, March 19, 2021

Matt Letch will play the music at Brisas from7-10 pm.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Madeline Edwards will be sharing songs at Cosa Bella Boutique for their 2nd Anniversary Celebration in the afternoon than for the evening she heads to Brisas with sounds being served 7-10 pm.


Matt Letch will perform this Saturday at Jay’s Kitchen, 330 N Spence Ave., Goldsboro, NC, Saturday 6-9 pm.


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Tracey Stones caught working. Photo credit: Susan Baugham

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Wrapping Up the Week with Fun Jams Along the Coast and Cool Gigs Around Town

On The Scene with Tracey Stones

Lucky as my life is, my dear friend Jim Kohler is the best he has ever been, offering music and sharing sounds around town and beyond. This week we grooved at The Brown Pelican for Blues Monday, on Wednesday they did it again at City Stage and before the week was over they rocked The Garage, last night in James City with their badass blues grooves. 

Weekday Jams to Garage Gigs 

Stormy Monday Blues



I can tell you what makes me happiest…this guy smiling and doing his thing! Big Jim is a fixture in my life for many reasons. Here is the first one: He gave this girl the keys to the highway, when he was offering his blues to our town in 2013. He’d been doing it since 2011 when he got here, but I met him in 2013 and I charted my course back to the blues.


Of course, I am not the only one he dragged out of music retirement. Fact is, I met bass player of the year Mike Sandvig at a gig in Swansboro, NC not long after I moved back to the area. After returning to health I took my mother to lunch on a day trip to Swansboro, and while walking into The Icehouse Restaurant, I noticed a sign advertising blues in the lounge on Saturday. March 23, 2013 I walk in with a couple of friends from New Bern that these guys play every Thursday, a club formerly known as Bambooz. 


A Story Worth Telling

It has been an amazing journey with these guys and Big Jim’s gem of a bride, Kathleen. She is like the pixie dust that shows up and really makes things sparkle with her golden voice and warm disposition. This band and the players that have been a part of it all are like family to me. I have enjoyed the journey and this is the story I have been tracking the longest!


We revved things up when I got a really smart phone and started recording bands. They were the first band I ever captured on film. 

Mid Week Blues Break


Now I catch them two and three nights a week and it never gets old. We might be growing old, but the good news is that we are doing it together and have some fun along the way. 


This week the boys got together and jammed as a trio, wrapping up the week at The Garage in James City last night. This is the new hot spot with a family-friendly atmosphere and something for everyone. From virtual games to live music and home-brewed beer, this is a new and fun option for all!


The one thing I can tell you, we are not playing games about Big Jim laying down some tracks. The blues-man is ready to hit the studio and then the road with some new material. We are asking for your help. If you have just $30.00 to offer, you can be a part of the gifts that come with being a Kickstarter contributor! Be a part of the next chapter of big Jim’s Journey by donating here:

Big Jim Kohler Kickstarter

The goal is to raise another $2800 before the end of April! If we meet the goal of $4,000, May is going to be glorious for the blues and blues fans alike!

IMG_2216 (2).JPG


Honky Tonk Tuesday At The Brown Pelican

IMG_2001 (2).JPG

Michael Watkins loves country music and has made it a point to play it each week at The Brown Pelican. Not long after we started offering blues night, Watkins got the idea that there should be a honky tonk night too! 


He invites all his friends and country players from near and far, to come out any Tuesday to share songs and croon country favorites.  Live music starts at 7 pm and plays until all the jammers have jammed.


Tuesday Also Means Music with Tiffany Elaine and Friends

IMG_2074 (2)

Talk about watching stories of singers and songwriters, I met this girl right here in New Bern back in 2016, when she came out for the open mic night at The Brown Pelican. She shared her original songs in a shaky voice and had no idea some blogger would be sharing her story too. But that is what happened and since then this girl has risen like sunshine over the Crystal Coast.

IMG_2086 (2).JPG

Now she is taking charge of life with the help of her dear friends, and creating sounds with her band Now or Never. When they are not playing gigs they are sharing time at and singing songs at open mics along the Crystal Coast. 

Hosting Open Mics and Having Fun

Besides hearing most of these players offering their grooves together and alone, I also had the pleasure of hearing a few new acts too.

IMG_2021 (2).JPG

When I walked in it was Bryan who was on stage offering songs for the crowd. He hails from the Raleigh area and visits the coast often. 

IMG_2056 (2).JPG

Next up was the amazing Deanna on piano offering familiar songs from popular ’80s acts. She had everyone moving to the grooves and singing along! 

IMG_2101 (2).JPG

The last band I was on hand to catch really got me going! This act is known as Smoke N Oakem, featuring a wife on vocals and husband on guitar, the group keeps growing to now include friends on horn and strings. They are new to the scene and I already have people interested in bringing them closer to our area. 


I learned a couple of things while hanging with my sweet friend Tiffany Elaine. She told me how she has been able to improve her work thanks to the work I am doing. That was a powerful conversation. I never really considered the fact that my work in and of itself can coach players to tune up their own performances. That is the reward of this work I never quite considered. 

I also noted that we are all our own worst critics. I mean case in point, this bright star hosting this event. She thinks she is not doing well these days with managing life, but judging by the clipboard she is aspiring to do great things for all those she touches.


For fans and friends of Now or Never, you can find them grooving tonight live at The Carolina Wine Mixer. Music starts at 7 pm.


Fridays are Full of Fun From James City to Around Town 

IMG_2249 (2).JPG

Sometimes you can do something for years and years on the same circuit before you finally meet other people. That is a true story for me and this next player. I have been promoting Tony Lefavi dates for nearly as long as I have been writing this blog, and last night we finally met for a brief music encounter. Offering a bit of country flavor to the night, this stringer is fun and fabulous. 

IMG_2255 (2)

I was glad to catch him giving up the grooves to the folks that gathered at BrUtopia. To keep up with the singer and stringer check him out on Facebook at Tony Lefavi Music.


Rocking Around Town

Marron Chaplin Rocks 

The incredibly beautiful and talented rocker chick Marron Chaplin, was giving up her best rock songs at the Dirty Bird last night. Making herself at home on the carpet of The Brown Pelican, she offered three packed sets of rocking tunes for fans and friends that gathered. She has an amazing voice and she can play one hell of a guitar too. Working on new roads out of here, the singer spends much time plotting her trail to Nashville, where management is working on good things for the glam rocker.

IMG_2268 (2).JPG

If you missed her last night don’t fret, she will be hitting the frets on Evelyn tonight at BrUtopia, with sounds being shared from 7-10 pm.


The Wannabees Bring the Classic Rock Party

IMG_2303 (2).JPG

The Wannabees is one of the classic rock staples here in New Bern. They always have a great time entertaining fans with the familiar music we all love. Offering the classic rock of the 60s and 70s they groove the crowds of all ages at each stop along the way.


The band features Larry Swinson on guitar and vocals, Tod Stilley on guitar and backing vocals, Michael Bass on the bass and behind the kit the busy Jason Patterson.

Tonight the band will be sharing grooves in Greenville, NC when they bring the party to AJ McMurphy’s. Music rocks at 8:30 pm. Then next week, the boys return to Vegas to play at The State Theater.


The boys will be opening for a fun night of rock, that will close out with Pegasus Plus. For more on that event follow the link: Pegasus Plus & the Wannabees- State Theater Greenville NC 4/6/19


Head Bangers Unite on the Bridge to Breakdown


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Hailing from Jacksonville NC, the young and talented Bridge to Breakdown made their way to town last night. This talented band features the young and fresh talents and energies of Talyn Detmers front and center on guitar and vocals, Malcolm Matthews also offering some serious licks on guitar and killer vocals also. Taylor Cefalo tries to sit behind the kit but often stands to plays the drums and Ethan Goecke gives them the bottom they need on bass.



They have a show coming up next week in Fayetteville. For anyone looking for a rocking good time, this is a hard band to beat! For more info on that show, I have attached a link,

Eve to Adam + Artifas at The Drunk Horse | Fayetteville, NC



~ Live Music Options ~

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday Night Specials


On the James City Side of that Confounded Bridge



BrÜtopia offers the freshest brewed beer and the rocking grooves of Marron Chaplin, who will be sharing songs tonight and jamming from 7-10 pm. Free music for your listening pleasure. Come out and support local music, while you enjoy the freshest new beer on tap!


Getting Down Around Town

There is always a reason to head to town and gather for some fun. Tonight’s reason: LIVE MUSIC


Broad Street Christian Ch