Tracey’s Weekend Run Around~ August 16, 2016

 Thoughts on Thursday~

First thing we did on Thursday evening, August 11, 2016, was to stop at the Isaac Taylor Garden located at 228 Craven St., New Bern, NC.

The Safe Nest Project took place from 5-7 pm. They had a silent auction of bird houses that were hand painted by local artists. All the money that was raised was distributed among three local charities, including Coastal Woman’s Shelter, Religious Community Services  and Staff House. All of these charities wish to ensure everyone has a safe place to live. I took home a pretty purple house with a blue roof. Music accompaniment for the night was Dan Phillips and Alan Gleeson. They were jamming to my favorite Crosby Stills and Nash tune, “Southern Cross,” when we walked in.


Our next stop was the deck of Persimmons Restaurant located at 100 Pollock St., New Bern, NC. That is where we found the Mac & Juice Quartet out of Greenville, NC; jamming their jams for the dinner crowd. There was not a table left when we arrived and the crowd was enjoying everything from familiar classics to M&JQ originals.

If you are looking for these boys tonight, they are playing at the Arendell Room located at 715 Arendell Ave., Morehead City, NC. Music gets started at 9 pm!


Our next stop was over at the Christoph’s On The Water located inside the DoubleTree by Hilton where we only stayed long enough to hug a few friends and share a few well wishes. The band hosted by vocalist, John Van Dyke,  just went on break when we arrived and before it was over we were on our way to the next stop.


One thing I can tell you, this place is always full and the crowd always fun.  If you have not made it out to the beautiful hotel on the water on Thursday for dining and a little dancing, you are missing out.

Seems most of Van Dyke’s pals are talented and enjoy sharing their love of music. Often it is magical, the sound that bellow from that stage. I was sorry to have to missed an episode. Another time, perhaps! Van Dyke will be live inside this Thursday with his traditional and fun jazz jam from 7-10 pm and on Sunday he will invite more friends to meet him on the deck from 5-9 pm


Our last stop for the night was at Halftime Pub located at 3325 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd. where we listened to Steel Shot while noshing on some cheese sticks and had a salad! It was the return of preseason football which brought in many that watched the screen and grooved to the band. Now that we are in preseason, let me say GO GIANTS!

Steel Shot is off in the week ahead as the guys have headed out for a quick, 11 day tour of the mid-west. You see, when not working on the duo effort, the boys are working with and for local country  crooner and Nashville’s Nine North Recording Artist, Bryan Mayer. 

Guitar man for Steel Shot is Shawn Mitchell, who also is the management force and drummer for Mayer; while bongo man  Jeremy Lowery is the stage hand for the full on country rock band.

Fun Times Friday!

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One of the great traditions that started in this town just over a decade ago took place on Friday and so I headed to town to enjoy ArtWalk/ArtCrawl. This event takes place during the second Friday of each month and many of the local artists in our area team up with the local merchant’s in support of our art and culture. You can enjoy the art works, painting, sculptures, and lots of great music that is scattered about town.

Last Friday I took in the sounds of many local music makers, including Dan Phillips, Al Gleeson, Scott Carlisle at The Brown Pelican; Alisa Mike on Middle St. in front of The Black Cat Shoppe, Gabrielle Christy, who jammed in front of Surf, Wind & Fire on Middle St., An unnamed duo in the square, Justin Hargett, also camped out at Surf, Wind & Fire, The Aqoostix rocked The Thirsty Bruin on Middle Street; Sean Canary, jammed during James Ford’s set at The Brown Pelican; Constantino & Pipero featuring the debut of Kira and Brice Williams and Vincent Farro were all at The City Laundry located at 901 Pollock St. for Music after ArtWalk.



Before heading over the bridge to check out the scene on the James City side of New Bern, we stopped at The Farmers Market to get our shag on with The Embers. This favorite regional beach music band is legendary and their music has been well received for over five decades. Founded in 1958 and still featuring original members, it was a treat to watch them move the crowd. There was a great crowd and after The Embers concluded their set, Spare Change rock them for the rest of the night.This event was the final one in a Summer Series of three concerts brought to us by our New Bern Chamber of Commerce. Just wanted to say, thanks for rocking us!


Live at Triple Play Restaurant located at 111 Williams Rd, New Bern, NC was the great rock grooves of Solid Ground. This band is definitely solid when it comes to their displays of musical ability. Each of them have honed their skill sets to master their craft and when they work together they deliver an awesome dose of bad-ass rock n roll. Though it was mentioned that the band was splitting up, it seems such is not the case, so look for more dates from this four piece rock outfit soon. In the week ahead they will be rocking the bikers out in support for Tuckahoe Motorcycle Club this Saturday with music by Solid Ground and Rebel Sons. Music starts at 3. Look for more on that event Saturday morning, right here in the Zone.


Our final stop for Friday was at Monette’s Grocery Store located on the corners of E. Thurman Rd and Old Cherry Point Rd. The Rest of Us  were rocking the room when we arrived. It was all in celebration of a local resident’s birthday celebration that led to the booking of two bands over the course of this weekend. Mary Shine Williams was rocking through her birthday weekend…just like a lady after my own heart. If you have not checked out this 90’s and more current rock band, you will enjoy them! They feature members from the now debunked effort, Stairwell which made a name for itself around the area just a couple years back.


Sunshine, Sand and Saturday~


Mary Shine William’s Rockin’ Birthday Weekend was how we ended our night on Saturday, as well, back at Monette’s and rocking with local classic rock favorites,  3 Day Weekend.

The band was faced with a challenge when their regular drummer got ill. They called around, just hours before the gig, Laura O’Neal accepted the mission and filled in so the birthday girl could dance. And she danced ALL NIGHT LONG! This I know, because we crashed her party at the end of the night each night and she was still going strong!

Happy Birthday Mary, I hope your year is as great as your weekend seemed to be. Cheers!


 On Saturday after a few hours on the beach we got cleaned up and headed out. Our first stop was at The Idle Hour Biergarten located at 121 E. Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach, NC; where on their beach they featured the reggae sounds of Monjah. The Carteret County quartet will be  making their New Bern Debut this Saturday, August 20, 2016 when they lay down their grooves  at The Brown Pelican from 8-11 pm.


Next up we headed to Beaufort to see how Pirate Invasion was shaping up.

Our first stop was at Queen Anne’s Revenge located at 500 Front St, Beaufort, NC we listened to Victor Hudson & special guest. He played many classic country hits and added a bit of rock to the mix as well. The crowd was gathered on the deck and enjoying their music.



Next up we head down just past The Dock House to the big tent and the sounds of  Motley Tones. A perfect name for the motley crew of performing pirates the formed a a band and became a staple for The City of Beaufort’s  Annual Pirate Invasion Weekend. This is a great family fun experience as pirates take over the town and entertain families as they walk about taking in the salt air, some ice cream or even a frosty adult beverage. Check out The Motley Tones playing North Carolina’s staple song Wagon Wheel. 


For our next stop we slithered into our favorite little hamburger joint in town, The Royal James Cafe, located at 117 Turner St. where we found Lil Cecil & No Credit rocking the room. These guys are my kind of fun. I simply love their mix of blues blended rock with country overtones added for good measure to ensure the whole crowd gets into it! They play off each other well and the crowd can feel it too! They are a local favorite, from the Beaufort area so it was no surprise to find them there this weekend.



Our last stop in Beaufort was at the Cru Bar & Wine Store right across the street at 120 Turner St. The only thing I can say about our time here is WOW! This swinging rockabilly band out of Wilmington known as The Phantom Playboys are a lot of fun and full of energy. They had the bar packed and swinging when we walked in. Their music thrills me. It is one of my favorite styles to dance to, though on this night I stayed focused on my job and recorded this for you to enjoy a sample of what I saw! I love these cats! Be sure to look for them and check them out soon!


Not feeling like we had our fill of pirates just yet, Crystal Odham and I made one more stop on our way back to the Bern before leaving the coast and that was at Frank & Clara’s Restaurant located at 1440 Saltier Path, Atlantic Beach, NC. We checked in with some of our favorite local rockers, Zen Pirates from New Bern. They rocked the bar above the restaurant from 10 m until they closed. The crowd on hand got to enjoy a little of the pirate invasion of their own as they rocked us with some Black Crowes, Georgia Satelites and many other great grooves made popular decades ago. To keep up with their act, like them on Facebook or they will make you walk the plank!

That about wraps up all that I witnessed last weekend but I saw this last night and it reminded me of a great cause to share with you…one of the greats funk rock and pop bands to hail from the Greenville area is doing great things for their community and the kids there. They are  collecting school supplies to ensure the kids go back to school with all the necessary tools for a great and productive year. This band is not just fun, but their hearts are big just like their sound.

For a quick sample of how much they love their community check them out this past Sunday in the park at The Town Commons as captured on film by Zen Pirates manager, Julie Scheper.

Train Wreck, Greenville and The Electric Slide

To help the band with their mission of ensuring area kids have the tools they need when they head back on the bus this year just bring some school supplies to any of their shows and they will help in distributing the donations to the kids in need. Here is where you can find the boys as Labor Day approaches:

Aug 20 Saturday Southern Salt Food Company Morehead City NC

Aug 26 Buzz’s Roost Wilmington

Aug 27 Saturday night Clash of the decades with Biz Markie Ritz Raleigh

Sept 2 Friday 8pm-12am Shelby Jeans Restaurant Carolina Beach

Live Music Options for Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Big Jim & Kathleen Kohler welcome all talents to the stage during an open mic session at Triple Play Restaurant located at 111 Williams Road New Bern each Tuesday from 8 pm til midnight! Pack up the gig bag and grab your talent and come entertain us tonight!



Up in Greenville, NC tonight the touring act Jimkata will be venturing through our area and entertaining the crowd at Crossbones Tavern located at  114 E 5th St. in Greenville. You can learn all about the touring trio by visiting their website


Last but not least for tonight, just a quick reminder that as mentioned above, Mac & Juice Quartet are live at Arendell Room located at 715 Arendell Ave., Morehead City. Look for them to get ya grooving at 9 and rock you til closing.

Live Music Option for Wednesday, August 17, 2016~


Mesh Sports Lounge located at 2500 Trent Road, New Bern, NC offers an open mic each Wednesday night hosted by bar manager and music maker, John Morgan. Sign up sheet is out at 7 and music starts at 8 and goes until the players are done playing. If you have not made it out there yet, pack up the gig bag and get motoring. Come on down and enjoy the fun. It’s hump day!


Open Mic Night also happens each week at The Silo’s Restaurant , located at 1111 Broad St., in Oriental, NC. They say “Come enjoy the music and the amazing options for dinner, for you and your family!!! Don’t miss it!! :)” So don’t forget to bring your talent and your appetite. The event is hosted by owner Chris Daniels who welcomes players to the stage from 7 – 10 pm.


The final gig I have to share with you is Cuz ‘n Kirk’s Blues Band  performing live at Whitley’s BBQ located at 3156 Beechwood Blvd., Murfreesboro, NC. They will be rocking the dinner crowd with their selections of classic rock n blues from 7-10 pm.

Before I let ya go, I just wanted to give a shout out to Raeford Brown and John Jones for including me in their Music Monday feature yesterday. It was nice to tell folks about my blog. To listen to Tiffany Elaine perform and hear our interviews check out the last half hour of  The Raeford Brown Show on Thunder Country 96.3 FM. My interview can be heard at 1:47:34. But be sure to check out the whole segment!

Raeford Brown Show on Thunder Country 8/15/16


Well kids, I will return on Thursday morning with a rundown of gigs for Thursday and Friday dance options. Until then hug a stranger,  thank a soldier for their service, and be kind even to those that hurt you. Life is to short for negativity so wallow in the positive and DANCE!!!

Thanks so much for reading. If you wish to be in the zone, invite me to your gigs. Send me dates, link and all information you care to share. Shoot me an an email and I will gladly include it here. Thanks so much for rocking me. Please share this with your friends.

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